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Crafts & Merchandising


I LOVE ENGLISH TIME badge - the badge everybody wants to have.

CHRISTMAS PRESENT for the ET crew 2013 - a mug, an English breakfast tea bag, a gingerbread man and our badge, of course. 

ENGLISH TIME LOGO - hand carved stamp by Maria Martínez -our skilful Technology teacher at INS Narcís Monturiol.

BIRTHDAY MOUSTACHE CHUPA CHUPS - give them to your students on your birthday and have lots of laughs.

A CHRISTMAS TREAT FOR THE ET Students (2013) - a simple and fantastic idea. Only black and red M&Ms, a small plastic bag and a nice "Reindeer Noses" label required.

ANOTHER CHRISTMAS TREAT FOR OUR BELOVED STUDENTS (2014) - aniseed balls in a plastic bag and a snowman label with the following message: "I heard that you've been naughty. So all you get for Christmas is this bag of Snowman Poop! Hilarious, isn't it?

NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION: READ MORE BOOKS - give everybody a bookmark with your best Christmas pics! Ho ho ho...

BE WATER MY FRIEND (2013) - a healthy Christmas treat for the teachers involved in the ET project at your school: a small bottle of water and a "Melted Snowman" label.  

MAKE A TOAST TO THE ENGLISH TIME - gift for the ET crew 2014. Buy a nice wine glass, fill it with some chocolates and an ET label. Add a moustache glass marker and wrap it up. It's ready to surprise the most skeptical teachers on Christmas! Cheers!


ENGLISH TIME PENCILS (2014) - award your students with an English Time pencil for Saint George to commemorate Shakespeare's birthday and death. They can use them to write their poems and compositions sketches in the Floral Games competition. 


HIP TEE - Teachers can also dress fashionably with our trendy colourful English Time tee. Not recommended for male teachers... 
SCRAPBOOK DIARY - Engaging and effective English Time academic diary  that provides a "Be creative" and a "Must do" section to meet your needs as a teacher . Designed by Gemma Martínez.

CHALKBOARD DOOR HANGER - Hang a note where it is sure to be seen. A boon for the teachers and the students, for the forgetful and for the busy and essential to tell everybody "English Time in progress".