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English Time is an English Linguistic Immersion project designed by Gemma Martínez and Raquel Feliu from INS Narcís Monturiol. The idea is very simple: let's get the kids speak English in non-linguistic subjects as many hours as possible once a week all year long. 

 It's aimed to 2nd of CSE students and once a week English is the vehicular language for all the subjects.

 We learn how thick is a sewing thread, at what speed a water drop falls, how to calculate at what distance a storm is and finally the name of the lab materials and equipment. Everything in English!

The bell rings. Children pack up their stuff

"It's Math time now. Get ready!" 

Everything in English again but this time is about measuring the diameter of the circle, calculating percentages and solving problems. 

This could be an example of an English Time day where the children go through the different subjects all day communicating naturally in English and having fun at the same time. The extra input of using English as an effective communicative language increases our students' skills.