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2015/16 Crew


GEMMA MARTÍNEZ -INS Narcís Monturiol

Gemma Martínez Esteve is a current English and Philosophy teacher at Narcís Monturiol High-School. She is the co-designer and coordinator of the English Time together with her partner, friend and workmate Raquel Feliu.

Gemma holds a degree in Philosophy (University of Girona, 2000) and the Proficiency certificate in English (Cambridge University, 2003). She's lived and studied in Glasgow at Glasgow University (1999-2000) and in Clinton, Massachusetts in the USA (1992-1993). She's been an English teacher for 12 years and has worked both for private and state schools. She's taught adults, teenagers and children over the years. Her motto: Learning should be fun!

"English Time makes learning naturally fun".

RAQUEL FELIU -INS Narcís Monturiol

Raquel Feliu Ayala graduated from the UPF (Barcelona) with a Translation and Interpreting degree in 2005 and holds a School Management postgraduate certificate from the University of Girona (2014). Nowadays she works as a high school teacher for English at INS Narcís Monturiol and she is the activities coordinator and a School Council member. 

Her passion is creating & sharing ideas, projects and resources to make students improve their skills in an engaged and innovative way. She believes creativity and motivation are a must and AICLE/CLIL projects use the best methodology to learn English in a meaningful and efficient context.  

She fights for animals’ rights, she is a true addict to TV series and she loves fashion, photography, illustration and travelling. 

"English Time is an educational bet for all the enrichment it will bring to our students and participating teachers".


My name is Dolors Castro and I’m a current English teacher at La Jonquera high school, as well as coordinadora pedagògica. I hold a degree in Tourism (Girona, 1988) a degree in Humanitats (UOC, 2005), the Proficiency certificate in English  (Cambridge University, 1995) and the DELF C2 de l’Alliance française (Girona, 2014)

I’ve been an English and French teacher for more than 20 years now. I’ve taught children, adults and teenagers.

I’m really keen on animals and I have a tiny dog,Coco, the apple of my eyes!!! I love travelling around the world as much as possible, and sharing my passion with my daughter, who also loves moving around. I also like reading, the sea, trekking and spending my free time with my friends and family.

"I strongly believe that learning foreign languages widens your mind and soul".



I work in la Salle Figueres as a History and English teacher. I like spending time with my family, teaching, travelling and practising sports. I've lived in Edinburgh (Scotland) for two years where I enjoyed the culture, the people, the landscape... Everything but the weather!

I really believe in CLIL methodology as the best way of teaching and learning English. 

"English Time is a great opportunity for students to see "English" not just as a subject, but also as a useful way of communication in any situation".

 - INS La Salle

My name is Marta Carrillo and I’m a secondary English teacher in La Salle Figueres. I am also tutor of one of the 2nd year groups. I’ve always liked learning languages, travelling and learning from different cultures and lifestyles. Ever since I was a teenager, I wanted to become an English teacher and after about 8 years teaching, it seems like I’ve made it! I’m lucky enough to work in a school where I feel comfortable and where I can learn, grow and improve every day which is one of the things I like most about my job.

"I think that English Time is a great opportunity to improve English teaching in our schools and to show the students that English is not just an isolated subject but that it is everywhere. Furthermore, I it will definitely give our students the chance to improve their English and I find this particularly important because they will most probably need English in their future careers and jobs".


My name is Lídia Canet. I have been an English teacher for about 18 years. I have worked with children, teenagers and adults in language schools, private schools and public high schools. I’ve been teaching at INS Vilafant since 2008 and I’m also ‘Coordinadora Pedagògica’.

I like music, reading, travelling and I really love the sea.

 “I think English Time is a great chance for our students. The more exposure to the foreign language, the better! I hope we all make the most of this experience”.


ROSA SALÓ - INS Vilafant

My name is Rosa Saló and I've been an English teacher in Catalan public secondary schools for more than 25 years. I’m currently teaching 1st, 2nd and 4th ESO students at INS de Vilafant.

I'm interested in ESL teaching related to e-learning, m-learning, cooperative working, PBL and ICT in general. I consider myself very fortunate as I like teaching very much!                                           

"Most of our students often believe that English is just a subject at school with no relation to the others. With English Time, apart from increasing their exposure to that Language, they have the opportunity to see English as tool to learn other subjects". 


Dolors Cervera holds a degree in Translation and Interpreting from the UAB (2002) and a degree in International and Intercultural Studies, also from the UAB (2005). She has worked as an English teacher in Secondary Education for the Generalitat de Catalunya since 2006 and has been a member of the Institut de Llançà staff since 2010. 

A great lover of foreign languages, Dolors has lived in France and Denmark as an Erasmus exchange student, and in the USA as a teacher participating in the “Profesores Visitantes” Programme from the Spanish Ministerio de Educación. She enjoys travelling, reading, cooking and watching American TV series.

English Time is a good opportunity both for students and teachers to learn by doing”.


Montserrat Quesada Baiges graduated from UB with an Anglo Germanic Philology, English specialization. She also holds an International Commerce and Marketing postgraduate certificate and a Marketing Management postragraduate certificate from Les Heures University. Today, she works as an English teacher at INS Cendrassos and she is a tutor too.

She has people skills and thus like being in contact with her students. Treating them well is "a must" to have them motivated and active in their English classes. She likes them develop little projects where they have the opportunity to practice and improve their oral skills.

She loves travelling, and that is why she swaps her house every summer with a foreign family.

“It is difficult to learn English when you are not living in an English speaking country.  We believe it is not enough to have three hours a week to make our students speak fluently.  Thanks to English Time, we give them the opportunity to get involved in an English-speaking environment, where the vehicular language is English. We thank all the teachers involved in this project.  Without their courage, we could not carry it out”.

 CONCHA VALDÉS -SIN Cap de Creus Cadaqués

My name is Concha Valdés. I undertook a Bachelor’s Degree in Contemporary History in Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona where I graduated in the year 1985. After that I moved to London where I passed the Cambridge Proficiency in English. A few years later I undertook a Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel & Catering Management at Westminster College in London and I graduated in the year 1990. Later on I moved to France for one and a half years.

I’ve been teaching as an English teacher in Secondary Education since the school year 2007/2008 and I became a Civil Servant in 2011 when I passed my public exams. I Love English and I love teaching teenagers.

"I strongly believe that English is an essential tool for a happy and successful  life and I am very glad that this project was implemented last year at Monturiol School in Figueres and that this year our school is taking part of this project along with  so many others in the Alt Empordà area. 
In my opinion increasing the amount of time that our students are in contact with the English language is the best asset of this project and not only for the students’ sake but also for all the other teachers at school".