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INS Narcís Monturiol. Figueres

The origin of our school traces back to 1974 when many schools were built to teach Vocational Courses. 

The school is located in the north-east of Figueres, close to la Marca de l’Ham, a worker quarter with a high percentage of immigration from South-America and Morocco.  In fact, one of our school premises is that diversity means cultural richness.

INS Narcís Monturiol is not the only state school because there are five state secondary schools and three private schools offering tuition up to the whole stage of ESO. Regarding the human resources, the school is formed by about 80 teachers to guarantee the learning process of 800 students from the surrounding area, Vilamalla and Bàscara.  

We are very proud of our school as we are environmentally friendly, we have a quality label, we take part in different projects abroad and we are open to innovation and excellence.