Chasing after Caminalcules

This activity is based on the evolution of Caminalcules. Caminalcules are imaginary organisms invented by Joseph H. Camin (Sokal, 1983). The name of Caminalcules have its origin on the "animalcules" from Anton Van Leewenhoek.

Your mission is to discover the evolutionary history of these strange species, and develop a way to identify and classify them.

After this, a challenge will be proposed to you: to discover everything you can from a new fossil, and explain your research in a scientific poster.

At the end of the activity, you'll answer the questions from your mates about your work.

To do so, you have to organize in teams of 3-4 people and follow the proposed steps.

Have a nice research,

Opabinia is a real organism that existed about 500 Milion Years ago.

It had 5 eyes, and a proboscis that finished in two surfaces armed with thorns that is supposed was used to hunt.

It 's a perfect example that life has not been always as we know it today,

and that shapes and structures of living organisms have been changing along the time.

We call this EVOLUTION. Image modified from an original form Nobu Tamura

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