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Xiangqun Global Stock Index Algorithmic Cloud Trading
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Bear in cattle - clusterhead algorithm cloud trading team for the global stock index futures investment funds, asset management companies and banks work
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● successful managers of leading international stock CTA algorithmic trading and algorithmic prediction
Before and after the October 2007 batch escape the top global stock market crash of the largest ever single transaction
March 2004 to April batches Chinese stock market to escape the top trading single biggest crash
September 10, 1999 early in the Shanghai Composite Index on the National Stock Market 1690 points or more to escape the top trading single
July 1st, 1999 China's stock market to escape the top trading single
Chinese stock markets all fled small top trading single after all July 1999 year
Shenzhen continuous accurately predict gold stocks daily trading time and space; Southern Metropolis; founded - April 1998
Gold and silver combination: Next week the sale of time and space bit; Yangcheng Evening News; April 1998 to accurately predict the week before 1
China Information News front page head-bit column; in 1997 - 1998 weekly continuous accurately predict
Potential shares trading time and space outlook; Chongqing Economic Times; in 1997 - 1998 daily continuously and accurately predict
Ninety-seven stocks rise and Shenzhen stock bull market; Hong Kong Economic Herald Weekly; 05/13/1996
Xiangqun real-time stock investment hotline - Guangdong famous manipulator of experts; Securities Times; 97 years to 98 years
Interconnected group of stocks Line station (Guangdong and Hong Kong's famous Trader experts presided clusterhead); Securities Times; 97 --98 years
96 best institutional investment strategies; Securities Research Weekly; 02/03/1996
● Xiangqun US stock index ETF-CTA algorithm forecast template (Gold Edition)

US stock index ETF fund range or swing or trend plus rebate placed the single best combination of day and tomorrow within 5 minutes, hour to buy,
Sell ​​or swing arbitrage precise point bit to time to rise, decline, and the amplitude of the head standings continuous rolling forecasts daily
Stock index ETF variety name and code table
5 minutes sale of time and space
Hours trading time and space
Measures algorithm to predict the next days
US stock index fund ETF
ProShares S & P500 do more SPY;
Double to do more SSO; short SH double short SDS
Triple short SPXU; three times to do more UPRO
Barclays doubled to short the S & P 500 BXDB
Barclays double short the S & P 500 BXDC
Barclays do more than three times the S & P 500 BXUB
Barclays double to do more than the S & P 500 BXUC
iShares S & P 500 IVV
Rydex S & P 500 RSP
Rydex double to do more than the S & P 500 RSU
Rydex double short the S & P 500 RSW
Vanguard S & P 500 VOO

PowerShares Nasdaq 100 QQQ
ProShares NASDAQ do more QQQQ
Double to do more QLD; BIB short PSQ;
Double short QID; BIS
Triple short SQQQ; three times to do more TQQQ
First Trust NASDAQ 100 QQEW
Direxion Nasdaq 100 QQQE

ProShares DOW30 do more DIA; short DOG;
Double to do more DDM; double short DXD
Three times to do more UDOW; triple short SDOW

Market Vectors China 300 PEK

Ishares FTSE China 25 FXI; FCHI
Double short FXP

United States to do more in Hong Kong and Taiwan fund CHN

Hong Kong and Taiwan to do more in the new Greater China Fund GCH

MSCI US to do more Chinese CAF

iShares MSCI Hong Kong Index EWH

iShares MSCI Taiwan Index EWT

iShares MSCI Japan Index EWJ
Japan 2x short EWV

iShares MSCI South Korea EWY

US iShares Gold Spot futures GLD IAU
ProShares double long gold UGL
Double-long gold DGP; short gold DGZ
Double short gold DZZ; double short gold GLL
PowerShares Deutsche Bank Gold DGL
VelocityShares triple short gold DGLD
Do three times more gold UGLD
SPDR gold ETF 2840

FactorShares do more than double the S & P 500 / short dollar index ETF FSU
PowerShares Deutsche Bank ETF UDN short the dollar
More than US $ ETF UUP
Three times more than US $ index futures UUPT
Triple short the dollar index futures UDNT

● Xiangqun Hong Kong Stock Index ETF-CTA algorithm forecast template (Platinum)
Hong Kong stock index ETF fund range or swing or trend plus rebate placed the single best combination of the day, tomorrow and next week, within hours of buying, selling or
Swing arbitrage precise point bit to time to rise, decline, and the amplitude of the head standings continuous rolling forecasts daily
Stock index ETF variety name and code table
Hours trading time and space
Next days trading time and space
Next week forecast countermeasure algorithm
Hong Kong Stock Index Fund ETF
Hang Seng FTSE China 252 838
When XDB FTSE China 253 007

iShares A50 China 2823

WISE CSI 3002827

Lyxor NASDAQ 2826

Future Korea KOSPI200 2835

● Xiangqun Hong Kong and Macao, the new US stock index futures CTA algorithm forecast template (Green Emerald Version)

Hong Kong and Macao, the new US stock index futures range or swing or trend plus rebate placed the single best combination of day tomorrow and hours within the next week to buy, sell or swing arbitrage precise point bit to time to rise, decline, and the amplitude of the head standings continuous daily rolling forecasts
Hong Kong and Macao, the new US stock index futures name and code table
Hours trading time and space
Next days trading time and space
Next week forecast countermeasure algorithm
International Stock Index Futures
American FTSE China 25 Index Futures

US S & P 500 futures 000,221

US NASDAQ Futures 000256

US index futures CBOT road 000220

SGX FTSE Xinhua A50 Index Futures

Hong Kong iShares A50 Option 2823

Hong Kong WISE CSI 300 Option 2827

Shanghai gold in the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 futures

Brunei China Stock Index Futures

Korea KOSPI200 Futures Options

HKEx RMB futures and CME

● Hong Kong and Macao, the new US stock index forecasting algorithmic trading CTA-CTO published results clusterhead
Xiangqun, international financial engineering data mining the prediction algorithm cloud transactions famous experts, unmarried male, family permanent residence: North America.
International securities and futures data analysis CTO-CTA, to achieve a number of financial econometrics and statistical modeling business intelligence BI development of data mining analysis (Quant),
Knowledge Discovery (KDD), financial sector specialist business analysis project managers, artificial intelligence, AI reinforcement machine learning, neural networks, genetic algorithms, intelligent agents
Complex algorithms and cloud computing SAAS website service development of IT integration in the global Chinese and English academic journals, newspapers, magazines, radio, television, telephone hotline falls out
And other traditional media and new media website published more than 10,000 articles and columns prediction article provides design and development of algorithmic trading and data mining predictive modeling CTA-CTO labor
Service, who had the original international financial history intelligent algorithmic trading business, a number of miracles data analysis and business analytics cloud finance micro projects.
● has managed the financial data mining prediction algorithm trading cloud development projects
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Development Director 1998-1999 Hong Kong Liming Internet security products
1996-1998 Junan Securities System Analyst
1995-1996 International Securities research manager of Internet giant tidal Shenzhen Stock Exchange
Genius System Analysis Research Department Information Network Manager 1993-1995 Hong Kong
1991-1993 Master's thesis research project: the development of large-scale projects Ningbo Pudong international financial analysis of investment decision support system
1985- Now the latest open source pure English version XQACT, have been used to develop the IDE, SDK, PL, Plugin, Framework:
Scala, Java, UML, Eclipse, STS, Struts, Hibernate, SAS, SPSS, JOONE, JGAP, JDMP, Knime, Weka
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Xiangqun Global Stock Index Algorithmic Cloud Trading
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US online securities information network, China through Hong Kong, China Online China Gold network, China Financial Market of China's financial market, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange
The huge influx of Easy Internet, hotline Shenzhen, Zhuhai window, Ningbo Harbor and other United Nations

Global Traditional English Media: Radio Singapore International, Asiaweek, Shenzhen Daily
Singapore and Hong Kong and other Asia Pacific Bay Area Chinese media: Radio Singapore International, Economic Herald Weekly (Hong Kong), Deep Star Times (Hong Kong), Asiaweek (Hong Kong),
Securities Times, the Shenzhen Economic Daily, Financial Post, financial resources invested Herald Weekly, days Ji (the Fund) bimonthly, Shenzhen TV, the stock market dynamic analysis of weekly, voice station
Hotline: Jun Sheng, Yitong, Guangdong-Hong Kong Information Daily, Information Times, Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Region Economic Monthly (Jinan University), Southern Metropolis Daily, Yangcheng Evening News, Guangzhou Daily, Asia
Pacific Economic Times, Chinese Times, Guangdong Securities Industry Magazine
Shanghai and Beijing and other Chinese cities Chinese media: Shanghai Securities News, Securities Market Research Weekly (Shanghai), China Information News Securities Week the first edition of the first
Prediction algorithm column, information Post, China Securities Journal assess China Securities Journal, Securities Market Weekly, securities research weekly, monthly Chinese securities industry, Financial Times
Reported that Tianjin in North China Information News Securities, public investment guide magazine (Tianjin), Chongqing Economic Daily, Securities Information Report (Hangzhou), East Asia Securities Information News
(Wuxi), Futures Herald (Zhengzhou), Yangzi Evening News (Nanjing), Sichuan Economic Daily (Chengdu), Wuxi Daily
● financial artificial intelligence and business intelligence prediction algorithm trading cloud computing e-commerce website development training
University in Guangdong and other places, securities futures and Internet companies, in both English spoken: Macau clusterhead new US-Japan index intelligent prediction algorithm cloud trading actual original stories;
Computer English, IELTS, GRE, TOEFL; network security, network finance, financial engineering, SAS, SPSS financial econometrics and statistics, data mining and artificial intelligence
Algorithm design, STS and Eclipse cloud computing development tools, Scala functional programming, Java object-oriented programming, e-commerce website development
● Business intelligence data mining and artificial intelligence algorithm trading cloud services forecast website development technology capability
IBM® Eclipse IDE for scala / java, MyEclipse for Spring; SPSS, SAS® 9.3;
VMware® Player, STS scala / java IDE, Cloud Foundry; Cloudbees Toolkit;
Oracle® JDK 7; UML Lab; Extraction, Lift, AJAX, Structs, OpenOffice;
JOONE; JGAP; JDMP; Knime; Weka; Mallet; LibSVM; ScrumWorks + XP + RUP.
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