As it takes, release candidates Webzen network transmission Xiangqun English and Japanese Buddhism Forum Website 泰巴利 text information systems and cloud cloud
Operators development; Buddhist studies, translation, editing, teachers and Master; formerly South China Agricultural University, full-time teachers, the deep country in Hong Kong
Metropolitan Development Director occasion any site part-time teachers, will provide a wealth of information and research repair the original interview, the 30-year division release
Agama Buddha Muni Han Chuan was born with Theravada Dhamma Park statistics and financial computer Pakistani Man World English teaching training method
● research, listening and reading, thinking its meaning, Shouchi, as saying practice for others to say ...
On a method for the division to the precepts as a teacher: Theravada Pali Text (corresponding Ministry, long, middle, increasing branch, a small department); Han Chuan Agama Dhamma (miscellaneous, long, medium, increasing One ): the breath chanting, a large study by the Department; Mahayana Pure Land through the Five Classics and three pharmacists, Lumbini daily Qieyao; yoga flame ports and other puja.
● Electronic Buddhist scripture library and multimedia text in multiple languages, English and Japanese Tai Bali Buddhist site cloud computing development training
University in Guangdong and other places, and network companies, in Chinese and English spoken: Computer English, IELTS, GRE; internet banking, cloud computing development tools.
● has managed multimedia and multi-language Buddhism, Buddhist scripture library website cloud computing management information system development project
Xiangqun Sutra Study, Practicing & Traing Job Online
Xiangqun Cangjingge Shaolin vegetarian personnel training online (all the following URL servers in North America outside the Chinese firewall, the second generation of mainland Internet users need a temporary IP V6 and other advanced network technology to access, parents, brother and family as a Canadian citizen, I am no girlfriend by the unmarried, thirty years working in secular monk while holding the ring, minors do not dye house dust Boys want to become a monk);
Xiangqun English-Chinese Pali Sutra
Xiangqun English to Chinese translation of the corresponding portion of the Pali Vinaya Samyuktagama;;
Xiangqun Agama Sutra
Xiangqun Theravada Dhamma Nikaya Han Chuan Agama;

● Electronic Buddhist, multimedia and multi-language Buddhist scripture library website cloud computing management information system development technology capability
SAS ® 9.3; IBM ® SPSS, Eclipse IDE for scala / java, MyEclipse for Spring;
Google ® Plugin for Eclipse 3.7, GWT 2.3, App Engine, Apps, Chrome OS;
VMware ® Player, STS scala / java IDE, Cloud Foundry; Cloudbees Toolkit;
Oracle ® JDK 7, OpenOffice; UML Lab; Extraction, Lift, AJAX, Structs;
● Medium (including Fujian and Guangdong and Shanghai dialect), English, Japanese, Taihe multi-language capability Pali
1991 Chinese CET examination certificate, English vocabulary: 50000, financial software and Buddhist English proficient;
Communication and electronic commerce on the Internet in English, English-Chinese - Chinese-English, Japanese and Chinese - Chinese and Japanese and Thai and Chinese - Chinese and Thai translation speed: 5,000 words / day;
Modern American English: fluent in English and comfortably stroke speed: 50 words per minute; Sogou Pinyin Wubi plus;
Dr.eye 8.0, Transtar, hurricane translation race, Orient Express, IBM translator, Han Translator;
Native - Chinese Chinese, Mandarin Mandarin: proficient; Hong Kong Cantonese and two outside Japanese words: Getting Started; three outside Pali, Thai, and all around Fujian and language: beginner.
● Education
1990-1993 Master of Information Management Dongbei University of Finance (Dalian, China)
1982-1986 Nankai University Department of Computer Science (Tianjin, China)
● Best Contact
Email:; Mobile: 18968049463 Hangzhou missed calls worldwide free recording
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