Candidates social networks to promote the development of cloud computing transmission, multi-language World Journal English and Japanese Buddhist scriptures compare the original training Professor Jackson, formerly a national key university teacher in Guangzhou, after repair that will provide a lot of information when developing teaching and research director and teacher, Shenzhen and Hong Kong interview any website original, 30-year division of the Sakyamuni Buddha Dharma multilingual multimedia network original translation of network transmission Webzen developed teach revised version
● study, chanting, thinking its meaning, manned, as saying practice for others to say, enlightened Three Dharma Seals Four Noble Truths, one known line of the original Dharma Eightfold Path
In Dhamma as a teacher, to the precepts of the division, with Zen meditation taught: Multilingual original Dharma Agama Buddha of Tibetan and Han Chuan Wu Chi elders translated Agama, Yuanheng Temple Theravada Tripitaka Translation and Translation Theravada Pali, Japanese translation of Theravada Tripitaka (Doro other miscellaneous repair Agama and deed through other relevant section, medium and long, and a small part of the increase One Agama): the Offer chanting, large study of the classics, Zen line thirty-seven product was, after the Four Noble Truths, the Eightfold Path through; recite Pali Thai Sangha Puja.
● Empty as double break, the world of electronic media scripture library of Buddhist scriptures of Buddhism and Chinese Buddhism in English and Japanese language website MULTIPLE cloud development training
1982 college at the same time he started practicing Shaolin martial arts disciple was the Buddhist Academy of Social Sciences graduate, he served as Sichuan University doctoral tutor of Buddhist meditation series Professor Chen Bing and others were learning the Four Noble Truths, the Eightfold Path seven sleep support and original meditation, 1994 in Shenzhen Dharma Temple monk failed to continue learning at home, holding monks monk precepts and work, in 2000 came into contact with other Chinese Buddhism and developed dozens of original Buddhist scripture library and other real repair multi-language website, computer hard drives and multimedia mobile tablet instant messaging and social media Sutras, which in 2003 began to return to training Theravada and other short-term monks and monasteries Zen meditation temple while volunteer website and information system development, in 2012 the resident Xiamen
After the meditation hall and monasteries sophisticated repair Piti real monk, after training in Hangzhou began to speak Agama with meditation, in 2014 and specializing in original Buddhism back to Guangdong thirty-seven product while looking larger than the library by the Thai ring or international three altar Ring of fate, was in Guangdong, Fujian and Zhejiang and other places of meditation temple, temples, retreats point, universities, training centers and companies taught: Buddhist English, computer English, IELTS, Internet banking; clusterhead French translation of the original Buddha Zen network transmission network International entrepreneurs and college Retreat, Satipatthana seven sleep thirty-seven product support and other real repair.
● has managed multimedia and multi-language Buddhism for Buddhist scripture library website Cloud Management Information System Development Project
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Ask, brother and parents a Canadian citizen, I am unmarried without his girlfriend, thirty years of work in the secular monk quit while holding unpaired family did not want to dye dust Boys
Xiangqun Sutra Studying, Practicing, Developing & Training
Xiangqun multilingual original French interpreter training Dover cloud development http: //; http: //
http: //; http: //
Xiangqun English-Chinese Pali Sutra
English-Japanese translation of the Chinese world Pali Vinaya corresponding section Miscellaneous Agama http: //; http: //;
http: //; http: //
Xiangqun Agama Sutra
Thirty-seven products compare with the Four multi-language training http: //; http: //;
● Electronic Buddhist Scriptures, multimedia and multi-language Buddhist scripture library site cloud management information system technology capability
Google® Plugin for Eclipse 3.7, App Engine, Apps, Chrome OS, Android;
IBM® Eclipse IDE for scala / java, MyEclipse for Spring; SPSS, SAS® 9.3;
VMware® Player, STS scala / java IDE, Cloud Foundry; Cloudbees Toolkit;
Oracle® JDK 7; UML Lab; Extraction, Lift, AJAX, Structs, OpenOffice;
JOONE; JGAP; JDMP; Knime; Weka; Mallet; LibSVM; ScrumWorks + XP + RUP.
● China (including Hong Kong and Guangdong Fujian and Shanghai dialect), English, Japanese and Esperanto multi-language capability
1991 China CET exam certificates, English vocabulary: 50,000, proficient in English and Buddhist financial software;
Communication and e-commerce on the Internet in English, English-Chinese - English, Japanese and Chinese - Chinese and Japanese and Chinese Shi - Han Shi translation speed: 5 thousand words / day;
Modern American English spoken: fluent English comfortably stroke speed: 50 words per minute; Sogou pinyin stroke;
Dr.eye 8.0, Transtar, Hurricane translation race, the Orient Express, IBM translator, Han Translator;
Mother tongue - Chinese Chinese, Mandarin Mandarin: proficient; Hong Kong dialect Cantonese, Japanese as a Second and the Three Esperanto: Getting Started.
● Education
Department of Information Management Master 1990-1993 Dongbei University of Finance and Economics (Dalian, China)
1982-1986 Nankai University Department of Computer Science University (Tianjin, China)
● Best Contact
Google Talk Video Email:; QQ No. 3138060032
Xiangqun Webzen original Buddhist University QQ group number: 437536664; 348850583; 239077043;
And microblogging micro-channel number and 4G phones: XQ18575684947 can automatically answer a call, recording
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