Welcome to the Mess Boys Education Initiative.

More than 50 boys are working in the students mess providing different services to our students pursuing the highest education in business management. However, most of these boys have stopped their studies even before completing their basic education.

Isn't it an irony that these boys witness celebrations of higher education in the form of orientation programmes, seminars, conferences, Xpressions every year but they themselves have no clue how to finish their own education. 

We wanted to find whether they will be interested in pursuing their studies.  So we met them through the members of our Social Responsibility Cell Team (Mayank Kejriwal. and his team).

As usual, they have several doubts and questions. Only after several interactions they opened up.

More than 20 of these boys gave their names for pursuing education.

Now it is our responsibility to take this initiative forward.

I invite you to join the initiative. You can  join us in in one of the following ways:
  • Become one of the teachers
  • Become one of the well-wishers
Feel free to give your views and suggestions for making this initiative a success

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