Best Paper Awards

The Best Paper awards will be presented to individual(s) judged by an award committee to have written the best paper in this conference.  
Mari Bhat-Best Paper Award in the area of Population Studies.The award is named in honour of Late Prof. P.N. Mari Bhat.

Prof. P.N. Bhat joined IIPS -India’s premier demographic teaching and research institute -as its Director- in June 2005, after being a Professor at the Delhi-based Institute for Economic Growth and having excelled in conducting various creative research including on religious differentials in fertility and mortality in India. He had published numerous papers in leading population journals.

Mr. Bhat had also served in several well-known research institutions in India and had been a visiting research scholar in distinguished universities such as Harvard University and the Universities of Minnesota and Manitoba. He had provided consultancy services to the United Nations Population Division and Statistic Division, as well as UNFPA, WHO, Johns Hopkins University, the London School of Economics and a few other international organizations.
Prof. Bhat had obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics from the University of Mysore in India in 1970 and his first Master’s degree in Psychology from Andhra University in 1972. He turned to the field of population, enrolling in IIPS’ Diploma in Population Studies in 1975. He completed a second Master’s degree in Demography in 1981 and a PhD in Demography from the University of Pennsylvania, United States.

Ramadhar Singh-Best Paper Award in the area of Culture and Cognition. The award is named in honour of Prof. Ramadhar Singh.
Ramadhar Singh received his B.A. Hons (1965) and M. A. (1968) degrees in psychology from the University of Bihar, Muzaffarpur, India, and M. S. (1972) and Ph. D. (1973) in social psychology from Purdue University, USA. During his career in India, he was a Lecturer at Patna Univeristy (1968-1973), an Assistant Professor at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (1973-1979), and a Professor at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (1979-1988). Has been a Professor of Psychology at the National University of Singapore since 1997. Spent his sabbatical leave at the University of Rochester and the University of Oxford during 2003-04 and at Purdue University during August through Decemer 2008.Singh is a fellow of the American Psychological Association, Association of Psychological Science, British Psychological Society, Society of Personality and Social Psychology, Singapore Psychological Society, and National Academy of Psychology (India).  Has published in journals of applied (Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Applied Psychology: An International Review), developmental (Child Development, Cognitive Development, Developmental Psychology, Journal of Experimental Child Psychology) and social (Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Basic and Applied Social Psychology, British Journal of Social Psychology, European Journal of Social Psychology, Asian Journal of Social Psychology, Journal of Social Psychology) psychology. The NUS alumni voted Singh as an Inspiring Mentor in 2009.
Janak Pandey-Best Paper Award in the area of Cross-Cultural Studies. The award is named in honour of Prof. Janak Pandey.
Janak Pandey, a Ph.D from Kansas State University, taught at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, prior to joining Allahabad University. He has also been a Fulbright Fellow (1971-74), Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence and Visiting Professor at the Wake Forest University (1986-87), Professional Associate at the East-West Centre, Hawaii (Summer-1989), Visiting Senior Commonwealth Fellow at the University of Manitoba (Summer-1994), and the Director of G.B. Pant Social Science Institute at Allahabad (1996-2002).He is associated with a number of professional organizations and has held significant positions, such as President of the International Association for Cross-cultural Psychology, and Associate Editor of The Journal of Cross-cultural Psychology. The International Association for cross-cultural psychology (IACCP) awarded him Honorary fellowship in 2006.He was nominated to the Board of Directors of the International Association of Applied Psychology (2006-2010). Prof. Pandey is at present the Vice Chancellor of Central University of Bihar, India.


Shiv Visvanathan-Best Paper Award in the area of Cognitive Justice. The award is named in honour of Prof. Shiv Visvanathan.
 Shiv Visvanathan is a Professor at DAIICT, Gandhinagar, India. Prior to joining DAIICT, he was a senior fellow, Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS), Delhi. An anthropologist and Human Rights researcher his work has explored the question of alternatives as a dialogue between the West and India. Closely linked to his current work is the attempt to demystify the modern science and social knowledge as legitimising categories of organised violence and exploitation. His writings have explored the psychological, cultural and political relations of science; the growing control of society by technology; and linkages between scientific establishment and authoritarian structures of state. 
Ajay Kohli-Best Paper Award in the area of Marketing.The award is named in honour of Prof. Ajay Kohli.
Professor Kohli serves as the Editor of the Journal of Marketing, the premier broad-based academic journal in Marketing. His research has received several awards including the Alpha Kappa Psi award for its contribution to marketing practice, and the inaugural Sheth Foundation / Journal of Marketing award for long-term impact on marketing. In addition, one of his articles was a finalist for the Harold H. Maynard for its contribution to marketing theory and thought.

He is among the 100 most cited authors in the fields of Business and Economics combined, and two of his articles are among the 10 most cited Journal of Marketing articles in a quarter century. He is represented in, an ISI web site that lists the top 0.5% cited authors during the last two decades in a variety of social and natural sciences combined.  

Dr. Kohli has previously taught at Emory University, Harvard Business School and The University of Texas at Austin. He has also taught at the Koblenz School of Corporate Management, Germany, Norwegian School of Management, Norway and SDA Bocconi, Italy. He has led numerous executive education seminars in the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Latin America.  He has taught at the undergraduate, MBA, EMBA, and PhD levels, and has been recognized several times for teaching excellence, including with the College-wide Jack G. Taylor Teaching Excellence Award at UT-Austin.