Dear all,

Welcome to the virtual discussion forum on the higher education in Orissa. The site has been created to get your observations and suggestions relating to the higher education in general and higher education in Orissa in particular.

You may be aware that the Government of Orissa has set up a Task Force to prepare a perspective plan. Please see the link to access the government notification.

Setting Task Force is an usual strategy that the governments indulge in to buy time for doing nothing. However, there are several exceptions.  Who knows this may be an exception.  Let us use this opportunity to make our best contribution to the process.

People have started questioning the composition of the task force, the process of the setting of the task force, and even the process of involving private organisation for managing the task force. However, people are also happy  to see  Dr. Trilochan Pradhan as the Chairman of the Task Force.  There is a hope irrespective of the composition of the team that the chairperson can take the best out of the members and present an unbiased report to the Government.

I take this opportunity to share my observations and suggestions on the higher education and welcome you all to share your observations and suggestions. I will make an effort to place them before the Task Force.

Come let us create a vibrant,healthy, and professionally managed higher education system in Orissa.

Please send your comments and  suggestions to: suggestions.education@gmail.com

D.V. Ramana
Xavier Institute of Management