About The Star College Scheme

The Department of Biotechnology has launched Star College Scheme with an aim to  strengthen  life science and biotechnology education and training at undergraduate level. The purpose is to improve critical thinking and 'hands on' experimental work in the cutting edge-technologies needed for modern biological studies at undergraduate (college) level in life sciences and  as a result of such experiences, more students will take up life science as a career.

 DBT has identified colleges with ambition and potential for excellence and provide academic and physical infrastructure for achieving excellence in teaching and unique exposure of students to experimental science. The colleges that successfully implement the strategy will be considered as life science 'Star Colleges'.

Objectives :

  •  to strengthen the academic and physical infrastructure for achieving excellence in teaching and training.
  •  to enhance the quality of the learning and teaching process to stimulate original thinking through ‘hands–on’ exposure to  experimental work and participation in summer schools.
  •  to promote networking and strengthen ties  with neighbouring institutions and other laboratories
  •  to conduct specialized training programmes for faculty improvement for optimizing technical capabilities
  •  to increase capabilities of core instrumentation resources by procuring new equipment and upgrading of existing facilities
  •  to provide access and exposure to students to research laboratories and industries in the country
  •  to help in devising standard curricula and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) / kits for practicals
  •  to provide better library facility to students and teachers