The Honours Programme has been in existence for more than  thirty years here at Xavier’s. More recently, after Xavier’s got Autonomy many of the courses offered in the Honours Programme moved to mainstream classes. This took the overall academics of the College to a higher level. However, there is always that segment of students who can handle bigger challenges. Hence, the Honours Programme continued to be offered by a few faculty stalwarts. Since keeping the Honours Convocation in August delays our students moving on to the next step in their careers it was thought appropriate to have the Honours Convocation earlier.Thus, for the first time we had the Honours Certificates awarded along with the consolidated mark sheets during the Graduation Ceremonies over 3 days on 16th, 17th and 18th June 2016 and this practice will be sustained.
The following are the list of Departments that are involved in the Honours Programme: Botany, Chemistry, Life Science And Biochemistry, Microbiology, Physics, Biotechnology, Zoology, AIC, English, French, Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology, Mass Media, Managaement Studies, Informationa Techonology, Inter-religious Studies, SIP, Heras Institute, Council Of International Programmes.

The Honours Programme since 2016-17, is planned differently. The objective kept in mind is to offer our students opportunities to encourage inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary  involvement academically. The major departments have been grouped in 3 ‘HUBS’ as –

                    i) the Bio-Sciences Hub [Botany, Life Science, Microbiology, Biotechnology and Zoology]

                    ii) the Physical – Sciences Hub [ Information Techonology, Vocational-Software Development,  Chemistry,    

                         Geology, Mathematics, Physics and Statistics]

                   iii) the Lingua-Humanities Hub [ all the Arts departments (including Statistics), Mass Media, Managment Studies and Vocational –  



A  FY / SY  student will REGISTER in a hub of his / her choice. The formality is completed by filling a Registration form available in the Treasurer’s Office and submitting the same with a Registration fee of Rs. 700/-  at the Treasurer’s Office.

This registration enables the student to enroll in any activity of any Hub for the current academic year. A maximum of 3 activities is permissible. For the enrollment, students are required to check the website – Honours portal or the department Notice Boards for activities offered by departments, select their activity and enroll by paying the required activity fees to the concerned faculty / department.

A student will qualify for  Certification after 3 successive years of registration and completion of – 5 credit worth activities of a Hub AND 2 ‘transfer’ credit worth of activities of any other Hub or other institutes [ CIP, Cauis Research Lab.,  DIRS, Heras,  IMG, XIC, etc. ]

Information regarding the programme will be displayed on this portal and / or  department Notice Boards.  

The eligibility to continue with the programme is 75% attendance and Grade B+ in the chosen subject. ATKT in any subject and TNG status disqualifies a student from continuation with the  Programme.