I give my strongest possible recommendation for Ms. Goddard’s social media researching service. It has been my pleasure to know and work with this outstanding researcher over the course of our investigation in stopping a stolen valor thief, who scammed money, product, and resources from donors. Alexandria is goal-oriented, is unshakeable in her desire to serve as a professional, and has developed a social-media plan that achieved our desired result of stopping the valor thief.  She continually demonstrates leadership qualities as we relied on her experience to form a social media plan, and she asked the right questions for us to achieve our milestones. She carried her duties with flexibility, grace, maturity, and self-assurance with a strong work ethic. As a senior social media coordinator, where she led and mentored a group of Veterans and supporters to stop the stolen valor thief, our social media presence reached new heights, quadrupling our outreach and reaching the attention of nationwide TV, Radio, and internet broadcasters. Most recently, a radio interviewer mentioned our efforts despite his show being on a different topic!

Her service to others is exceptional, and very admirable. She has spent hundreds of  hours volunteering in our fight against Stolen Valor.  She is  clearly someone who understands the importance of giving back to others and making them great. She is exceptionally well rounded, sharing her gifts with others. She has accomplished all of this while maintaining extremely high standards, and within her own demanding work schedule. Alexandria  continually looks for opportunities to develop her own blogging and social media skills, both technical and interpersonal, and assist others in developing theirs. She is of excellent moral character, and a fine person whom I believe will excel other companies and researchers with their social media efforts. Alexandria  possesses in abundance those leadership qualities, commitment to excellence, and trust we expect and demand
of those who might assist us in our fight against stolen valor. She has demonstrated a consistent pattern of sustained superior performance that makes it easy for me to express my highest admiration and to give my strongest possible endorsement for your company.

Very respectfully,

Douglas Cabarle, U.S. Navy, Retired

Scott A. Hughes, U.S. Marines, Veteran