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Why Join?

So your child wants to/has joined Xaghra Scout Group? What is it all about?
First of all let's get the misconceptions out of the way. Scouting is not about wearing uniforms, tying knots and saying Yaggey Yaggey Yaggey. Although there is probably nothing wrong with any of those elements. Plenty of young people – and adults feel quite happy to wear a football strip, being able to tie a proper knot could be a life saver, and even today could be a job skill in later life. There can't be much wrong with that. 

What is it all about?
Frankly, anything we want it to be about. Here at Xaghra Scout Group the emphasis is on having fun and being active, developing friendships, gradually meeting personal challenges and fostering personal and team skills. In Beavers that may simply be the ability to play a team game, or work at an individual craft. In Cubs there will more emphasis on developing personal abilities through the progressive scheme system, arrow work and proficiency badges. By the time members join Scouts they should be starting to work in teams, and should be developing individual skills. In Ventures, members will begin experiencing a more independent life and will learn how to apply the skills in real life while having fun. No two young people are the same and our programme allows for that variety. As they progress we start to offer them greater challenges and offer them the opportunity to move into specialist training such as pioneering (during Scouts) and abseiling (during Ventures).

The highlight of many of our members' time in Scouting is taking part in an International adventure, sometimes with visiting foreign Scouts, sometimes going abroad with Scouts. The Ventures had such an experience in Summer 2009 where they organized an 8-day camp called E-S.C.OUT which brought scouts from Turkey, Ireland and Portugal. Other members of the group also attended the World Scout Jamboree in 2011.