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Welcome WPS Staff!

Over the past couple of years there have been numerous requests for a site that staff members could go to for quick links, instructions, and information about the software WPS utilizes. This site, while small right now, has potential to grow in the areas you want. 

Currently, the WPS Software Support Site is set up to do the following: 
  • Post useful announcements regarding Synergy, At-Risk reporting, Data Mining, Time Sheet Entry, etc. These announcements will be automatically emailed to your inbox. 
  • A section dedicated to directions, tidbits and support. In the future this section will include screen cast videos. 
  • Building Software Support schedule (not sure when your building is scheduled for a Software Support day? This calendar will let you know).
  • Software Support Request Form. 
  • Question & Answer form. This gives you the option to submit a question and get a response. You will also be able to look at other Q&A's to see if anything previously posted might be helpful. 

Please bookmark this site for future use and please let Deb Sellers or Matt Elliott know if you want anything added to the site. 


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  • TVUE - Seating Chart - Notifications - EL - if you click on the EL notification you will now see the child's WIDA Overall Composite Score and Level

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