Requirements to compete In Wyoming:

1. Get Licensed

All athletes scheduled to participate in an event must pay a $50 annual fee using the PAYPAL button below and complete the Fighter License Application
To pay fighter license fee:
If you are purchasing a license for a fighter, please put their name in the comments box of PayPal during the purchasing process.

2. Blood Testing

All Participants of an event are required to submit blood work to the promoter of their event. This includes:
  1. Acceptable HIV;
  2. Acceptable Hepatitis B markers or Hepatitis B vaccination; and
  3. Acceptable Hepatitis C antibody.
Blood test results are valid for one year after the date blood was collected.
Any fighter who fights in a Non-Sanctioned Fight will be required to re-submit updated blood work.

There are a number of ways to get this required testing done. Learn more on our page about Blood Testing.

3. Attend Weigh Ins

All fighters will be expected to be on time, and ready for weigh-ins. Athletes who are late, or miss, a weigh in will be disqualified from participating in
the event. They may also be subject to a fine, suspension, or both. Time and location of the weigh-in will be assigned by the Promoter of the event.

Learn the details by reading the Weigh In Policy.