Wyoming Yellow Ribbon Program

The Secretary of Defense initiated the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program which provides information, services, referral, and proactive outreach programs to Soldiers of the Army National Guard and their families through all phases of the deployment cycle.
The purpose of the Army Yellow Ribbon program is to provide informational events and activities for soldiers, their families and community members.  The Yellow Ribbon team facilitates access to the numerous services supporting the health and well being of our service members and community throughout all phases of deployment. 
  • During the pre-deployment phase, emphasis is placed on the readiness and education of service members and their families along with preparing the community.
  • The post deployment phase focuses on the reintegration process, education benefits, continued health care options, job search opportunities, post combat support and reconnecting with family members. 
  • Activities will ensure service members and their families understand the benefits and resources available to them throughout the entire deployment cycle.

We would be honored to have you attend future events and activities that focus on education and ensuring the readiness of Soldiers and their families. For upcoming Yellow Ribbon Program events and information, please see our Brochure and contact the Yellow Ribbon staff for specific details.

We hope to hear from you about your ideas, willingness to volunteer, or to provide a service. While it may seem insignificant, a few hours of child care or offering to fix a leaky faucet is an act of kindness never forgotten. Many times that one act is what helps families endure a difficult situation.

By contacting us and offering your support, talents and expertise, we will be able to connect you to those people in your community who could use your help. Ultimately, the more successful a family and community are during deployments, the more focused the Soldier can be during the separation and the easier reintegration becomes.


Contact Information 
Wyoming Yellow Ribbon Program
(307) 772-5457
Located At:
The Raper Armory
5410 Bishop Blvd
Cheyenne, WY 82001
Contact The Team
Army Yellow Ribbon Program Manager 
SSG Mikki Munson 

Army Yellow Ribbon Program Assistant 
SGT Gary Webster 

SR Family Readiness Support Assistant 
Mr. Robert Huylar 
To register as a supporter of the Wyoming National Guard Yellow Ribbon Program, or for support information, please contact the program at the numbers or email above. Updates on homecomings, activities and event our program offers also will be sent to you. 

Service Providers

YRP has compiled a list of several service providers in our region. Please contact Yellow Ribbon for additional information and assistance.

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