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Wyoming ESGR

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If you are having problems or issues with your civilian employer that are related to your military service, call or email:
  • Cheryl Burd

    WY ESGR Program Support Specialist, JFRC, Cheyenne, DOD Contractor, IIF Data Solutions, Inc.
    307-772-5376 (O)
  • Sue Graham

    WY ESGR Program Support Technician, JFRC, Cheyenne, DOD Contractor, IIF Data Solutions, Inc.
    307-772-5376 (O) 770-329-6732 (C)


Develop and promote a culture in which all American employers support and value the military service of their employees with ESGR as the principal advocate within DoD.

Mission Statement

We will develop and promote employer support for Guard and Reserve service by advocating relevant initiatives, recognizing outstanding support, increasing awareness of applicable laws, and resolving conflict between employers and service members.


Gain and maintain support from employers of Guard and Reserve Service Members Educate customers and stakeholders Advocate within DoD for RC employers Continue to refine the ESGR organization for relevancy, effectiveness, and efficiency Advocate for employer issues of military families Facilitate employment transitions relating to the continuum of military service Enhance Brand awareness of ESGR to all customers and stakeholders.