A wide variety of information is available at the following numbers: 

Military Records
Wyoming residents and retirees from the Wyoming Air and Army National Guard can access their military records via the Wyoming National Guard TAG Records office.
Reach the office at (307) 772-5063.

Employment Verification
Employment verification for Wyoming Military Department members can be handled by various offices.
For full-time employment verification use the code given by the employee and dial (800) 367-2884.
To verify Wyoming Army National Guard military employment, call (307) 772-5257.
To verify Wyoming Air National Guard military employment, call (307) 772-6325 .

Flyover Requests
Flyover requests for one of our Wyoming National Guard aircraft must be handled by higher headquarters. 
To request a C-130 flyover, please follow the directions on the Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs airshow site here.
To request a UH-60 flyover, please contact the Wyoming National Guard Public Affairs Office at (307) 772-5253..
The Wyoming National Guard Public Affairs Office can also assist with flyover requests. Call (307) 772-5253 .

Show Support
Showing your support for our deployed Wyoming Soldiers and Airmen can be done in a variety of ways.
Our Wyoming National Guard Family Readiness Program staff can assist. They can be reached here.
Our Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program also is a venue for support and assistance. They can be reached here

Military Support to Civilian Authorities
During state emergencies, like the 2008 flood in Baggs, the Governor, through the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security, may call the Wyoming National Guard to assist. For military assistance to civil authorities the Wyoming National Guard Joint Operations Center can be reached here

Youth ChalleNGe Program
At-risk high school students can get a second chance for success as members of the Wyoming National Guard Youth ChalleNGe Program, at Camp Guernsey Joint Training Center. For more information on the program, call (307) 836-7500 or view the program's Web site here.