Family Programs 

Ensuring foundational support to attain total military readiness with Soldiers, Airmen, and civilian employees who are mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and socially resilient so that all personnel can perform their assigned missions to the best of their abilities and achieve their potential for continued service.
The WYNG Servicemember's, Family, Employer, and Readiness Support Team (S-FERST) provides essential deployment cycle support services to all WYMD personnel, military families, civilian employers, and local communities in order to ensure total military readiness for an operational National Guard. 


Family Assistance Centers      New!   Family Assistance Center Resources

The Wyoming National Guard has established five regional Family Assistance Centers (FAC) throughout the state. The Family Assistance Centers are critical links for Families, Service Members, Veterans, Survivors, Command, and the Community. 

Specialists are placed strategically throughout t he state to overcomthe geographic distance that frequently separates families frocentralized, installation based servicesFACs are the primary entry point for assistance for all service members regardless of service component. They provide information, referral, and outreach throughout all phases of the deployment process.


Family Assistance Centers help with Crisis Intervention & Referral, Legal Resource/Information & Referral, Financial Resource/Information & Referral,  TRICARE Resource/Information & Referral,  ID cards and DEERS Information & Referral, as well as Community Information and Outreach.
FACs are an indispensable pillar of support for families of deployed service members – they also provide critical assistance to demobilizing service members anpromote the long-term health and welfare of the military family.

If you have problems or issues, don’t hesitate to call or visit the center nearest to you. FACs will always be available to assist you. Call the Toll Free Telephone Number, (866) 992-7641 ext. 5109. 

Family Readiness

The Wyoming State Family Program Office offers local training that can assist with everything from legal questions to life organizational skills to helping you set up a Family Readiness Group. 

Family Readiness is the level of preparedness Families and their service members have. Our Family Readiness branch through proactive education and support programs that promote self reliance and enhance individual and Family well being. 

In layman’s terms Family Readiness may be defined as providing Families and their service members with the education and support to enable them to function effectively in the military. 

In order to help facilitate Family Readiness the National Guard promotes proactive education by providing continuous training to you and the Service Member (SM) throughout the Service Member’s (SM) military career. These training's are meant to help introduce you to the military life as well as helping you to adjust to the military life style. 

The Guard also offers several support programs, such as the State Family Program Office, which can introduce you to the many services that are available nationally and locally to help you and your service member with this integration into the guard Family. These programs provide education, as well as a basis of support that can help assist you in becoming more self-reliant. With self-reliance and knowledge comes a feeling of increased self-confidence. This in turn can lead to stronger individual and Family well being. 

Transition Assistance

The Transition Assistance Advisor (TAA) is the statewide point of contact to assist members in accessing Veterans Affairs benefits and healthcare services. The TAA also provides assistance in obtaining entitlements through the TRICARE Military Health System and access to community resources. 

The TAA has strong partnerships and coalitions within the Department of Defense (TRICARE), Department of Veterans Affairs, State Directors of VA, Veterans Services Organizations, and State Headquarters groups, such as the Family Program, Chaplains Offices, Department of Labor, and Employer Support for the Guard and Reserve (ESGR). 

The TAA can provide for each individual service member: Help you navigate through the numerous benefits and entitlements in the DoD and VA system. Take the time to assist you and not toss you into the "800 number desert!" The TAA will educate you so you will understand the benefits you have earned, such as: 
Guard entitlements and access for health care in both the DoD and Veteran Affairs medical facilities.
TRICARE benefits while you are on active duty and when you return as an OIF/OEF Veteran.
Important deadlines that require your action while still on active duty and as a Veteran so you do not miss these time sensitive opportunities.
Dental care programs (time sensitive).
Referral for counseling services for you and your family that will not affect your career.
Referral for possible compensation for injuries or illness sustained in OIF/OEF.
Insurance information such as SGLI and TSGLI
Rehabilitative care management needed to help you return to a normal lifestyle.
Assistance with job search and connection with ESGR for rights of employment.
Assistance in connecting you to the Veterans Benefits Administration and Veteran Service Organizations to file disability claims.
Assistance in the event of financial hardship, healthcare issues, or unemployment needs.
Assistance with locating your medical records, DD 214's and other needed documents.

Child and Youth

To meet the social, emotional, and academic needs of the Wyoming National Guard children from birth to age 18. 

The Youth Program offers deployment and reunion training and information, military youth pen-pal program, quarterly newsletters, and trains educators and counselors on military child issues. 

The Youth Program assists with grants for child care, youth sports, fine arts programs and tutoring to stay at grade level while a service member is deployed in support of the Global War on Terrorism. 

The Youth Office is a one-stop resource for child and youth information and resources. 

Family Program web links
The National Guard Bureau-Family Program website’s goal is to make it your “one-stop shop” to find information on programs, benefits, resources and more. 

This exclusive member-only site is for the members of the National Guard and their Families. Come here to find exclusive content, local resources, access the document repository, and local events.

You can learn about Family Readiness, Program Services and Plans and Operations. Family Readiness takes a look at the six-step Family Program model that keeps you informed and involved about your benefits as a serving Family. Program Services provides an overview of the various programs that the Family Program covers; Family, Youth and Community Outreach initiatives. 

Military One Source is a one-stop-shop for military Families. It provides information on health, career, parenting, finances, legal, recreation, special needs and more. The site also provides podcasts, webinars, discussion boards, moderated chat and current news feeds. MOS staff will research local community resources on a case-by-case basis for any need a Family may have, from counseling to child care to auto repair. Counselors trained at the masters level or higher are available 24/7 at 1-800-342-9647 and can provide up to 6 free confidential counseling sessions per issue. 
The official website of the Air Force for military Family members and the helping agencies that provide support. 
The Deployment Health and Family Readiness Library is an easy way to quickly find accurate and up-to-date deployment health and Family readiness information. 
"Strong Families, Strong Force", NMFA is the only national, non-profit organization solely devoted to the interests of active duty, Reserve Component, survivor and retiree Families of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and the Commissioned Corps of the Public Health Service and National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration. 
Operation Home front is a non-profit community supporting our troops by helping the Families they leave behind when the active duty or reserve member deploys 

Youth related web links
This website is maintained by the Department of Defense and has sites for the following user groups: Children ages 6-12, Teens, Parents, Special Needs Families, Military Leaders and Schools. It includes information on deployment, relocation, state driver’s license guidelines, state graduation regulations, money management, classroom ideas, babysitting and more. It also has a secure chat room for military children and teens.
Our Military Kids is a private, grassroots organization that provides grants for children of Reserve and National Guard members who are deployed overseas or severely injured. Grants can be used for youth sports, fine arts, and tutoring programs to stay at grade level and are paid directly to the organization providing the activity or tutoring. Children ages 3 years through 12th grade are eligible for a grant of up to $500. Under certain conditions, a child may be eligible for more than one grant. Additional eligibility guidelines, applications and instructions are available on their website.
ZERO TO THREE is a national nonprofit organization that provides information for parents, professionals and policymakers to help them improve the lives of infants and toddlers. Early experiences set a course for a lifelong process of discovery about ourselves and the world around us. The way babies are held, talked to and cared for teaches them about who they are and how they are valued, and this in turn profoundly shapes who they will become. Military Families can find information especially for them under the "Key Topics" tab. 
The Children's Grief Education Association is a private nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the needs of grieving children, their Families and those who support them. A special link for military Families addresses the challenges of having a parent or Family member serving in the military. Child and Families of military members have an high awareness of the risk of injury or death for their loved one due to media coverage and the nature of the work of military personnel, especially during deployment to a combat zone. The "Anticipatory Grief" link gives helpful suggestions for situations in which there is concern that a loved one may be harmed.

Family Program Staff Directory

State Family Program Director
(307) 772-5208 Office 
(307) 631-7537 Cell 
(866) 992-7641 ext. 5208

State Family Assistance Center Coordinator 
Jim Williams
(307) 772-5109 Office
(866) 992-7641 ext. 5109 

Northwestern Region Family Assistance Specialist
Trudy Zaffarano-Anderson
FAC Specialist 
(307) 286-9992
(866) 992-7641 ext. 5109 

Northeastern Region Family Assistance Specialist
Cindy Lutonsky
FAC Specialist 
(307) 630-7647
(866) 992-7641 ext. 5109 

Central Region Family Assistance Specialist
FAC Specialist
(307) 630-6966 
(866) 992-7641 ext. 5109 
FAC Specialist 
(307) 286-9993
(866) 992-7641 ext. 5109 
(307) 286-9991 
(866) 992-7641 ext. 5109 
(307) 772-5197 Office
(307) 509-9427 Cell
(866) 992-7641 ext 5197

Airmen and Family Readiness Program Manager
Denise Rampolla
217 Dell Range Blvd, Cheyenne, WY 82009 
(307) 772-6063 Office
(307) 214-2625 Cell 

State Youth Coordinator
Corissa Ozekin
(307) 772-5018 
(866) 992-7641 ext 5018

Transition Assistance Advisor
Jarrod Garton
(307) 772-5163 

Military One Source Consultant
David Stephen
Cell: (307) 287-9473

Personal Financial Advisor
Glenn Lyons
Office (307) 772-5362
Cell (307) 631-4896
Behavioral Health Team
Candise Leininger
Office (307) 772-5279
Cell (307) 274-0404
Jenny Rigg
DPH-Air Force
Office (307) 772-6185
Cell (307) 287-2880
Cheryl Burd
Office (307) 772-5376
Sue Graham
Office (307) 772-5376
Transition Coordinator
Hero to Hired
Mike Bohn
Office (307) 772-5055

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