Wyoming Counter Drug and Support Program

The Wyoming National Guard supports drug prevention coalitions, state organizations and other various agencies in their efforts to reduce the abuse and illegal use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

About Us

We strive to reach children and adults of all ages, to educate and promote drug free healthy lifestyles.

Our staff increased the awareness of youth by reaching out to elementary, middle and high schools within the State of Wyoming.

Drug Demand Reduction

The Wyoming National Guard Drug Demand Reduction Program actively supports prevention efforts through education and alternative activities to local, state, and federal educational and community based organizations. Drug Demand Reduction helps educate the public of all ages, on the hazards of illegal drugs as well as alcohol. DDR provides educational and awareness programs in combination with creative activities to promote the prevention of substance abuse in Wyoming. DDR efforts are focused on the increased protective factors provided through living a healthy and drug free lifestyle.

Offered Programs include the High Ropes Course, S.C.H.O.O.L.S., Stay on Track and our Rock Wall Event.  The request form can be found here.

Prevention, Treatment and Outreach

Our mission is to provide substance abuse prevention and education training, treatment referrals, and outreach to military families in order to positively impact retention efforts and enhance combat readiness. 

Prevention - Substance abuse awareness and prevention training is conducted by the State Prevention Coordinator (PC) at the unit level. It is also completed during reintegration training and is provided for all soldiers, airmen and their families.

Treatment - the PC acts as a liaison, providing referrals and contact information for local resources to service members and their families.

Outreach - the PC communicates frequently with military and civilian organizations, health care providers and local wellness coalitions to provide collaborative support, training and relationship building within our community. 

What The PTO Program Provides:
  • Substance Abuse Prevention Education
  • Chemical Health Screening
  • Command Support/Assessment (URI, R-URI)

Program Contacts

Lt. Col. Clay Fuller - Counter Drug Coordinator

Operations Superintendent

DDR Team Member


PTO Coordinator