Camp Guernsey Joint Training Center, WY

Camp Guernsey Virtual Tour
Camp Guernsey Virtual Tour

Camp Guernsey JTC

A Premier Joint Training Center
Camp Guernsey is a Premier Joint Training Center consisting of over 78,000 acres of maneuver area, training ranges, and state-of-the-art facilities. Camp Guernsey exists to facilitate and support realistic combat training for current and future American fighting forces. The camp's rural locale in southeastern Wyoming offers many training advantages. Noise, movement, and training restrictions are limited. Accessibility from road, rail and air provide flexible options for troop, equipment, and material movement. A dedicated, fully qualified staff currently supports over 240,000 customer man-days annually of combat training 24/7/365.

Camp Guernsey was built on the tradition of the frontier forts of America’s early years. Frontier forts were often the vanguard of defense in the American West. Camp Guernsey continues this tradition by providing realistic, combat-based training opportunities for continental and deploying American Forces. Customers span all branches of the Department of Defense, other federal agencies, Wyoming state and local agencies, and civilian entities.

A number of tenant organizations call Camp Guernsey home. Among them are:
  • 213th Regiment (Regional Training Institute)
  • 620th Ground Combat Training Squadron (US Air Force)
  • Wyoming Cowboy ChalleNGe Academy 
There are four distinct training areas; the Cantonment Area, the North Training Area, Camp Guernsey Army Airfield, and the South Training Area.

The combination of easy access and the rural, comprehensive training environment make Camp Guernsey ideally suited for individual and collective training events for up to a brigade size element.


Camp Guernsey has been identified as both a U.S. Air Force and National Guard Regional Training Center.


  • The number of customers at the camp annually double the size of Guernsey, Wyo.
  • The runway at the Guernsey Army Airfield was recently renovated to accommodate the U.S. Air Force’s C-17 transport.
  • The camp allows for multiple uses of its property, including grazing, and hunting.
  • The camp’s north training area accommodates the U.S. Army’s vast array of field artillery weapons systems for training.
  • The camp can accommodate training for attack aircraft, with up to 500-pound bombs.
  • Military customers include the U.S. Air Force, Marine Corps, non-military groups and agencies, including SWAT and police forces from around the state, the Wyoming Highway Patrol, the Civil Air Patrol and the Boy Scouts of America