Individual Certificate/Firm Permit Annual Renewal
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Pursuant to W.S. 33-3-109 (d) and (e), Chapter 3 and Chapter 4  of Board Rules and Regulations, certificate and firm permit holders must renew active and inactive certificates and firm permits annually.  All certificates and permits expire on December 31st.

*****Anyone can use the online system!  No one is required to use the paper form.*****



 Holders who renew certificates and firm permits will be able to save $10 for processing renewal applications online.  In addition, no paper late filing fees apply after November 1st.

PAPER Certificate and Firm Permit Renewal  

Those holders who choose to renew certificates and firm permit applications with paper application forms must do so by no later than November 1st in order to avoid a $50 paper late filing fee. This will be the last year that paper renewal applications will be accepted.  

*****Anyone can use the online system!  No one is required to use the paper form.*****   

 *** Paper Renewal Forms must be mailed and paid for by check or money order.                  


  Paper Certificate Renewal Form (Active and Inactive)     Paper Certificate Renewal Instructions  

    Paper Firm Permit Renewal Form    Paper Firm Permit Renewal Instructions