Individual Certificate/Firm Permit Annual Renewal
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Pursuant to W.S. 33-3-109 (d) and (e), Chapter 3 Section 5 and Chapter 4 Section 2 of Board Rules and Regulations, certificate and firm permit holders must renew active and inactive certificates and firm permits annually.  All certificates and permits expire on December 31st.

ON-LINE Certificate and Firm Permit Renewal: With few exceptions*, holders are provided the privilege to renew certificates and firm permits online.  Holders who renew certificates and firm permits will be able to save $10 for processing renewal applications online.  In addition, no paper filing fees apply.

PAPER Certificate and Firm Permit Renewal:  Those holders who choose, or are required by their individual circumstances*, to renew certificates and firm permit applications with paper application forms must do so by no later than November 1st in order to avoid a $50 paper filing fee.

* Pursuant to Board policy, individuals and firms excepted from online certificate and firm permit renewal privileges include the following non-exhaustive list (contact the Board office with questions):

·         Firms whose Designated Certificate Holder (DCH) has never been issued a Wyoming certificate.

·         Individuals whose files are pending any requirement such as: CPE, peer review, response to Board inquiry and or complaint under investigation.

·         Certificate or firm permit status of anything other than Active, Inactive and Current (firm).

·         Changes in form of practice, practice restrictions or any discipline imposed by the Board.


            CERTIFICATE RENEWAL INSTRUCTIONS                                                FIRM RENEWAL INSTRUCTIONS 

           *** PAPER CERTIFICATE RENEWAL FORM***                                           ***PAPER FIRM RENEWAL FORM*** 

 *** Paper Renewal Forms must be mailed and paid using check or money order.

Click the link below to access the on-line renewal system (aka PLR - Professional License Renewal system)