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Initial Physician License Application

The Wyoming Board of Medicine website has moved. 

The new website is located HERE.

To Apply for an Initial Wyoming Medical License:

The Board of Medicine thanks you for your interest in applying for a medical license in Wyoming. Our application process utilizes two separate applications hosted by the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB), the Uniform Application (UA) and the Federation Credentials Verification Service (FCVS)

The UA and the FCVS are both required to obtain licensure in the state of Wyoming. The UA allows you to apply to our state electronically and the FCVS provides the Board with direct-source verification of your core credentials (medical school, post-graduate training and exam scores). To learn more about the UA and the FCVS, please visit the FSMB’s website by clicking HERE.

After you have read the APPLICATION PROCESS OUTLINE below, click on the “Start Here” link below to begin your application for Wyoming using the Uniform Application and FCVS:


{NOTE}If you wish to reactivate a LAPSED/EXPIRED Wyoming medical license, please follow the REACTIVATION process, do not apply through the UA


    1) Please read the Application FAQ’s document located on the right side of          this page. You will find answers to common questions asked about the application           process in Wyoming.

    2) Begin your FCVS profile as soon as possible if you do not already have              one. If you do, request that it be sent to the Wyoming Board of Medicine.

    3) Begin your Uniform Application. Complete it in its entirety, and submit it to              the Wyoming Board of Medicine.

    4) Print, review and mail the Wyoming Board of Medicine Addendums*.                 These were provided to you by the UA at the time of application. If you need                      another copy of the addendums, please view and print them HERE.

 * The direct source state license verification requirement has been WAIVED until further notice and is not required to complete your application.

    5) Pay your $600.00 application fee*. Within 24-48 hours after completion of              the UA, an automated e-mail from the Wyoming Board of Medicine will be sent to              the e-mail you provided on the UA, which contains the payment link to pay the fee.           If you do not receive the e-mail, you may follow the link below to pay the fee:

Physician Application Payment Link 

    6) After you have paid the application fee, please use the Pending                            Application Status tool (located on the right side of this page). This tool             will allow you to monitor which items, if any, are outstanding on your application. It          will first be updated 24-48 hours after you submit payment and continue to be                 updated every 24-48 hours until your application is considered complete. This site             will not be updated until payment has been received.


You will need your Submit ID to be able to log-in. You can locate this ID from the submission confirmation e-mail from the UA or by calling the Board office. 

You will not be able to log-in until your UA has been received by our database, usually 24-48 hours after you have completed it. 

Expedited Temporary License for Physicians

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Wyoming Board of Medicine does not issue "locum tenens" or other short-term licenses. Any temporary license issued by the Board is with the expectation that the applicant will complete the full licensure process including, if necessary, a licensure interview with the Board. Failure to complete the licensing process after a temporary license has been issued may result in denial of the application for licensure, which is reportable to the NPDB.

The following information outlines the criteria an applicant must meet to be eligible for an expedited temporary license:

Upon receipt of the application form, fee, affidavit and proof of citizenship, and the Board's receipt of required national data base reports, a temporary license may be granted by the Board staff pending review of the application by the Board if the applicant meets ALL of the following criteria:

The applicant has been continually licensed in good standing with an ACTIVE license for the preceding three (3) years in one or more states and/or the District of Columbia (training licenses are not considered active); and,

The applicant has none of the following:
      • Professional liability insurance settlements or payments in excess of $50,000 individually or $100,000 in the aggregate;
      • Criminal record;
      • Medical condition(s) which could affect the physician's ability to practice safely;
      • Licensing or regulatory board complaint(s), investigation(s), or action(s) (including withdrawal of a licensure application);
      • Adverse action taken by a health care entity;
      • Investigation(s) or action(s) taken by a federal agency, the United States military, medical society or association; or,
      • Suspension or expulsion from, or disciplinary action in, any academic program, including medical school, residency program or fellowship program.
  • No separate fee will be charged for a temporary license.

Pending Application Status

3-5 business days after your application has been successfully submitted and paid for, you may view the updated status of your application
(REACTIVATION APPLICANTS, contact the Board office directly for the status)

To check your application status, click HERE

PLEASE NOTE: The state license verification requirement has been waived until further notice.

Application FAQ's

Questions about applying for a medical license in Wyoming?

Please click below to view our Frequently Asked Questions document for assistance