Leah Burgess named WWNRT 2018 Partner of the Year!

The WWNRT Board of DIrectors are pleased to announce that Leah Burgess, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, 
                was chosen as the 2018 Partner of the Year at the August Board meeting.  Leah has been instrumental in assisting
                    WWNRT with many projects, including the Wapiti Ridge Conservation Easement, which was finalized in 2017. Congratulations, and many thanks. Leah, for your hard work and dedication!


Wyoming Range Mule Deer Project Update, Summer 2017

                            The Wyoming Game and Fish Department and the University of Wyoming, along with their project partners, contributors 
                            and collaborators, are pleased to provide this update on the Wyoming Range Mule Deer project.  This project showcases
                            ongoing research regarding these very important mule deer herds in Wyoming.  Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resource 
                            Trust is proud to be a partner on this project!

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Congratulations to our 2017 Partner of the Year:  The Nature Conservancy's Richard Garrett! 
Richard was honored at the August 2017 WWNRT Board Meeting in Saratoga 
in appreciation of his continued  hard work and support for conservation in Wyoming. 
Thank you, and Congratulations, Richard!  We are proud to have you as a Partner!

                    Richard Garrett of Lander was named the Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust "Partner of the Year" at the                                August meeting and tour of the agency in Carbon County.

                   Garrett, who serves as the Director of External Affairs for The Nature Conservancy, was singled out for his continued 
                   and varying assistance to the habitat and natural resource enhancement mission of the WWNRT.

                    Board Chair Kim Floyd, Cheyenne, said, "Richard is constantly promoting the work we do, but equally looking for 
                    partners and potential projects throughout the State of Wyoming."

                    Floyd highlighted easement and habitat work, as well as legislative and regulatory efforts, and in particular, 
                    partnering and promotional opportunities.   Saying "it seems nothing ever gets past Richard," Floyd explained 
                    Garrett's passion and continual efforts to assure the work of the WWNRT is recognized.

                    "Like many of our past recipients, Richard works behind the scenes, and really gets things done in a completely 
                     selfless manner."

                    Past recipients of the annual award include the Little Snake River Conservation District, Trout Unlimited (twice), 
                    Jennifer Doering - Wyoming Game and Fish Department, Wyoming Stock Growers Land Trust, Luke Lynch -The                                     Conservation Fund, and Jill Randall - Wyoming Game and Fish Department.  


2017 WWNRT Board of Directors
Pinedale, WY
Back row:  Pidge Fulton (District 5), Christi Haswell (District 4), Mike Massie (District 2) Steve Meadows - Vice Chairman (District 9), Kim Floyd - Chairman (District 1)
Front row:  Jacelyn Downey (District 6), Don Schramm (District 3), Ken Banister (District 8), Esther Wagner (District 7)

Welcome Christi Haswell! 

Christi will represent District 4,  Sheridan and Johnson Counties.  Christi is the Director of SWCA Environmental Consultants' Sheridan Office. She has served on the boards of the Sheridan Chamber of Commerce and the Center for a Vital Community.  She is a member of the Wyoming Bureau of Land Management Resource Advisory Council.  We are very pleased to welcome Christi to the WWNRT board!

Thank you, JoAnn! 

WWNRT Executive Director Bob Budd, and Chairman Kim Floyd present JoAnn Pearson, Board Member from District 4 (Sheridan and Johnson Counties), with a plaque of appreciation for her service on the board.  JoAnn is a Rock River, Wyoming native with a history of being an award-winning teacher, lodge owner, ranch girl, and a tireless volunteer in her community.  JoAnn, we thank you for your service over the last three years, and we wish you and John the very best in the future!  Enjoy your retirement!


Delaine Roberts, past WWNRT Chairman, passed away on December 7, 2016.  Delaine was an avid sportsman and hunter, and was instrumental in establishing the Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust Fund.  Delaine served on the Board of Directors of the WWNRT until 2013.  He served in the Wyoming Senate from 1996 through 2004.   Funeral services were held on Saturday, December 17 at the Afton Wyoming Latter Day Saints Tabernacle.  



WWNRT Chairman Kim Floyd presents Jill Randall with the Partner of the Year award for 2016.

WWNRT Partner of the Year Jill Randall working on a prescribed burn in the Wyoming Range.

The Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust named Jill Randall, Pinedale, their 2016 Partner of the Year on Tuesday.  The award is given annually to one group or individual for exemplary conservation work in Wyoming.

"Jill Randall is the epitome of conservation in western Wyoming," Board Chair Kim Floyd, Cheyenne, said in presenting the award. "She has been a consistent partner of ours since the inception of the trust, and the footprint of her work covers hundreds of thousands of acres, with dozens of different partners."

Randall, who is a regional habitat specialist with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, was cited for her work in the Wyoming Range, particularly prescribed fire, mechanical treatments, research, and invasive species control to enhance habitat for mule deer.  In addition, the WWNRT recognized her efforts to enhance and conserve habitat for Greater Sage-grouse, elk, moose, and other iconic species in western Wyoming.

Board Vice-Chair Steve Meadows, Jackson, said, "Jill's enthusiasm and energy is infectious.  You get out in the field with her, and you see so much potential and so much accomplishment that you want to turn her loose on the rest of the world."

Meadows also lauded her ability to bring diverse groups together for a common cause.  "She works well with everyone," he said. "You'll have landowners, conservation groups, state and federal agencies all sharing in the effort and the results, and that is exactly the kind of energy we need to get things done in Wyoming."

Predictably, Randall gave credit for the many successes in the area to her many partners.

"I have the great fortune to work with so many great landowners, biologists, habitat ecologist and others that this stuff is really fun." she said.

Randall began her career with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department in 2003, working as a feedground biologist in Jackson.  She has spent the last nine years as a terrestrial habitat biologist in Pinedale.

The Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust is a statewide program that improves and restores wildlife habitat and enhances the natural resource values of the state.  Since its inception in 2005, the WWNRT has funded more than 700 projects with nearly 120 different partners.  The program has contributed to more than $300 million in improvements on private, state and federal lands and waterways.

The Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust Board Awarded More Than $2 Million in Grants 

The Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust Board awarded more than $2 million in grants for wildlife habitat and natural resource projects at its meeting in Sheridan Tuesday.  Funds were awarded to 39 different projects in 16 Wyoming counties.

"We had a really diverse group of applications," said Chairman Kim Floyd, Cheyenne, "and a wide variety of applicants as well."

Floyd said the primary focus of applications in this allocation period was twofold, "continued river restoration, fish passage and irrigation improvements, and a new emphasis on cheatgrass eradication."  Other projects included wetland enhancements, invasive species management, fence modification to facilitate wildlife migration, and improvements to aspen and sagebrush habitats.

The emphasis on cheatgrass elimination and control is not new, according to board Vice Chairman Steve Meadows, Jackson, but reflects both a more concerted effort to get ahead of the issue, and the potential for improved chemical and biological controls to the invasive annual grass.

"We are helping to test and evaluate different methods of eradication in various parts of the state in the hope that we can zero in on the best management practices for different soil types, elevations, moisture patterns and other factors," Meadows said. "This plant has the capacity to radically alter some of our most valuable habitats, and we have the opportunity to head it off before it become a dominant feature on our landscapes."

The Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust was created in 2005 and has worked with more than 120 different partners to fund more than 700 projects since that time.  The direct economic impact of those projects has been more than $200 million in on-the-ground improvements in all 23 Wyoming counties.

August 2013 - Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust Presents 'Partner of the Year'  award

The Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust named the Wyoming Stock Growers Land Trust as ‘Partner of the Year’ for 2013 at their meeting last week in Big Piney...

June 2013 - Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust Awards Spring Grants

The Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust program awarded more than $1.5 million in conservation grants at their meeting in Yellowstone National Park last Thursday.  The Board considered 30 applications statewide, with requests of $2.5 million, and funding 21 projects...

April 2013 - Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust Elects New Chairman and Vice-Chairman

During the April 2013 Board meeting in Casper, WY the Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust Board elected Kim Floyd as the new Chairman and Steve Meadows as the new Vice-Chairman.

December 2011 - The Wyoming Open Spaces Initiative Committee is pleased to announce the release of Economic Contributions of the Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust!

  • In 2004 and 2007, the Ruckelshaus Institute of Environment and Natural Resources partnered with the Wyoming Stock Growers Association and The Nature Conservancy to conduct public opinion polls on open space and natural resource conservation and development. The polls show growing interest in setting aside public money to protect water, wildlife habitat, and ranchland
  • In 2005, the Wyoming Legislature made such an investment by creating the Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust
  • This report analyzes the return on that investment to Wyoming residents over the past six years.
  • The publication can be found online at: http://wwnrt.state.wy.us/pdf/EconomicContributions_WWNRT_sm.pdf
  • Hard copies will be available from the Ruckelshaus Institute of Environment and Natural Resources soon. 
  • contact ienr@uwyo.edu with questions.  

    Tuesday,  April 19, 2011 - Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust program Receives Donation

    RIVERTON, WY- The Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust program received a donation of $42,500.00 from Babs Kruse of St. Stephens at their regular meeting yesterday in Lander. 

    February 25, 2010 - Wildlife Trust Board Announces "Quick Grants" Program

    RIVERTON, WY- The Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust program announced a new procedure for "Quick Grants" that will allow grants of less than $2,500.00 to be received, ranked, and funded throughout the year. Click to read more... 

    Tuesday, January 05, 2010 - Goshen County 2 Shot Goose Hunt Benefits State Habitat Effort

    RIVERTON, WY.....The Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust program was a major beneficiary of the annual Goshen County 2 Shot Goose Hunt, held every year in December, with a $2,500 grant presented to the board at their regular meeting in Wheatland.

    Tuesday January 05, 2010 - Safari Club Contributes $4,000 to Wildlife Trust

    RIVERTON, WY- The Central Wyoming Chapter of Safari Club International contributed $2,500 to the Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust program in December, with another $1,500 coming from the international foundation for SCI. 



    At the suggestion of Board Chair Delaine Roberts, the WWNRT is proposing to add a "Quick Grants" process for projects requesting less than $2,500.00 from the Board. 

    May 18, 2009 - Questar donates $250,000 to Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust

    PINDEDALE, WY - Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife (SFW) held their annual banquet at the Sublette County Ice Arena on Saturday, May 16 to celebrate donations aimed at wildlife habitat improvement in the greater Pinedale area. 

    May 21, 2009- Partnership Reaches $1 Million in Conservation in Wyoming 

    MISSOULA, Mont.--A partnership between the Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust and the Rock Mountain Elk Foundation has reached the $1 million mark in projects for elk, other wildlife and their habitat in Wyoming 

    October 29, 2006- Getting to the Root of the Saltcedar Challenge 

    TORRINGTON, WY- The Goshen County Weed and Pest Department receives $50,000 grant from the Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resources Trust project to manage saltcedar infestations on all of the water ways in Goshen County. 

    October 1, 2006 - TRUST BOARD TO REVISE RULES 

    RIVERTON, WY--The Board of the Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust program has begun the process of amending and refining the administrative rules for the agency. Beginning October 1, 2006, the revised rules are available for comment for a forty-five (45) day period. The revised rules may be found here, or may be requested by contacting the office. 

    September 15, 2006 - Conservation Groups Trigger Legislative Match 

    RIVERTON, WY--Contributions from six Wyoming conservation organizations triggered the first matching contributions into the Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust account, as established by the 58th Wyoming Legislature, according to Board chair Delaine Roberts. 

    LARAMIE, WY- Wildlife Professionals Honor 58th Wyoming Legislature

    Laramie, WY- Professional wildlife managers named the 58th Wyoming Legislature as their "Citizens of the Year" yesterday. The Wyoming Chapter of the Wildlife Society, an international organization of professional wildlife managers, presented the award to Senate President Grant Larson, Jackson, and Speaker of the House Randall Luthi, Freedom at their annual meeting.


    June 12, 2006 - The Nature Conservancy Supports Grasslands Conservation Fund Lander

    The Wyoming Chapter of The Nature Conservancy and the Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust announce the creation of the Grasslands Conservation Fund, a new partnership to conserve eastern Wyoming’s native grasslands.


    GILLETTE, Wyo. – Wildlife and wildlife habitat in Wyoming will benefit from more than $1.3 million worth of projects approved Thursday, June 8, 2006 by the Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resources Trust.

    WWNRT Chairman Kim Floyd, Cheyenne, and Board member Ken Banister, Torrington, present Wyoming Stock Growers Land Trust Executive Director Pam Dewell with 2013 "Partner of the Year" award in Big Piney.

    Economic Contributions of the Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resources Trust, Open Spaces, December 2011


    PHOTO: Past Chairman Delaine Roberts accepts a check for $42,500.00 from Babs Kruse

    PHOTO: WWNRT Past Chairman Delaine Roberts, Etna, (l) accepts contribution from Goshen County 2 Shot Goose Hunt board member, Ken Banister, Torrington (r) at a recent meeting of the Wildlife Trust board in Wheatland.

    PHOTO: WWNRT Past Chairman Delaine Roberts, Etna, (l) accepts contribution from SCI representative and fellow board member, Bob Anderson, Casper(r) at the recent meeting of the Wildlife Trust board in Wheatland

    WNRT Executive Director and Daryl Lutz, President of the Wyoming Chapter of The Wildlife Society present the Citizen of the Year award to the 58th Wyoming Legislature. Receiving the award on behalf of the Legislature are Senate President Grant Larson, Jackson, and House Speaker Randall Luthi, Freedom.