Starting 11/12/2019 All wiring permits will be 
handled through the eLicense portal.

When, Where and Why do I need a permit? 

Per Wyoming Statue 35-9-120(e) "No person shall install electrical equipment in new construction or remodeling, if the remodeling requires a public utility to connect or disconnect and restore electrical power, of a building, mobile home or premises without obtaining an electrical wiring permit. No public utility shall energize an electrical service for an electrical installation which requires an electrical wiring permit until the person responsible for the electrical installation has obtained an electrical wiring permit. A utility may energize an electrical service in an emergency situation without proof that an electrical wiring permit has been obtained, however the utility shall notify the department of the action as soon as possible, but in no case later than five (5) days following the date that the electrical service was energized. Electrical wiring permits shall be issued by the chief electrical inspector upon request. Each permit shall explain procedures and costs for permits and requested inspections conducted by the chief electrical inspector or his deputy electrical inspectors. This subsection does not apply to municipalities and counties granted local enforcement authority for electrical safety standards under W.S. 35-9-121 and to exempt installations under W.S. 35-9-123(a) (ii) through (v)."

"Exceptions shall not apply to anyone who contracts or subcontracts to or for any exempt person, partnership or corporation." Per Wyoming Statue 35-9-123(b)