Five Reasons to Do Business with WY Brand Industries
1. WY Brand Industries allows inmates the opportunity to learn                  job skills and develop good work habits and attitudes that they                    can apply to jobs after they are released.
2. WY Brand Industries prepares incarcerated individuals for                  their re-entry back into Wyoming communities by teaching                        self-sustainable employment skills.
3. The vast majority of WY Brand products are made in                     Wyoming by Wyoming residents.
4. By Statute, purchases from WY Brand Industries can exempt                  State Agencies from engaging in the timely and expensive three                  bid purchasing requirement.
5. Wages paid and net income earned by WY Brand Industries                  and its workers reduce the tax burden on Wyoming taxpayers.

WY Brand Industries is a division of the Wyoming Department of Corrections, creating opportunities for offenders to develop job skills and good work habits. It is through this Correctional Industries program that government agencies and businesses can take advantage of one-of-a-kind Wyoming made products, exceptional service and affordable supplies. 

WY Brand Industries can also assist with hard to fill labor needs. Inmates who participate in the WY Brand Industries program make major contributions from their wages for taxes, room and board, family support, victims' compensation, restitution, and the costs of their programming.

By returning law-abiding, trained and productive citizens to the community, WY Brand Industries also dramatically contributes to an overall reduction in recidivism, therefore saving Wyoming taxpayers millions of dollars in future incarceration costs.

Who can buy products from WY Brand Industries? Most Wyoming small businesses and any state or government 
agency can purchase products that will be used within the state.  

Who cannot buy products from WY Brand Industries? Private citizens cannot purchase directly from WY Brand 
Industries. All sales must go through a non-profit organization or through a small Wyoming business that carries our product line. Visit the Wyoming Made Gifts page for a list of retail outlets. 

Contact Information:

Mary Ann Majszak, Customer Service Manager
WY Brand Industries
1934 Wyott Drive, Suite 100
Cheyenne, WY 82002
Phone: 307-777-3437

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