Rules and Regulations (1974)

Chapter 3 - Instructions for Preparing Surface Water Application Forms

Chapter 4 - Water for Temporary Purposes

Chapter 5 - Reservoirs

Chapter 6 - Special Applications

Chapter 7 - Surveys

Chapter 8 - Maps

Chapter 9 - Petitions to the State Engineer

Chapter 10 - Storage of Direct Flow Right

Chapter 11 - Instruments and Procedures

Chapter 12 - Rules of Practice in Contested Matters

e-Permit Submittal Instructions

ePermit Search Instructions

ePermit Diversion Submittal

ePermit Diversion, Special Application Submittal

ePermit Temporary Water Haul Diversion Submittal

ePermit Enlargement Submittal

ePermit Reservoir Submittal

ePermit Special Application Reservoir Submittal

ePermit Stock Reservoir Submittal

Hardcopy Submittal Instructions

Diversion Submittal

Special Application Diversion Submittal

Temporary Water Haul Diversion Submittal

Enlargement Submittal

Reservoir Submittal

Industrial Reservoir Submittal

Special Application Reservoir Submittal

Stock Reservoir Submittal

Filing an Affidavit for Reinstatement

Guidelines for Creating an Irrigation District

Petition Instruction Examples 

Fee Schedule

Policy Memos

Ground Water Division

Water Hauling Activities in the Vicinity of Gillette, WY

CBM Guidance Document

CBM Reservoirs

Coal Mine Dewatering

GPS Coordinates and Map Requirements

Requirements of Coordinates on Permits and Petitions

Approval of New Permits for Muncipalities, Service And Improvement DIstricts, Subdivisions, and Other Large Water Users, and Service Area Updates

Dual Well Completions in the High Plains Aquifer and Lance Formation, Southeast Wyoming

Forest Service Permits

Subdivision Review Discussion and Ground Water Division Procedures

Assigning Energy Production Related Water Rights to Landowners
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