Provider Training/Professional Development

Professional development refers to the ongoing training and education that gives child care providers, directors and staff the knowledge and skills they need to provide high quality early care and education for young children.

Pre-Service training for new providers, directors and staff:
    1. Safety and health of children
    2. Fire Safety
    3. Sanitation procedures
    4. First Aid and CPR
    5. Medication administration
    6. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
    7. Safe sleep practices
    8. Blood borne pathogens
    9. Recognition and reporting of suspected child abuse or neglect
    10. Shaken Baby Syndrome
    11. Nutrition
    12. Transportation of children
Facility staff orientation:

1. Facility policies and procedures
2. Child Care Licensing Rules

  • Staff Pre-Service Training and Facility Orientation: All staff prior to assuming responsibility for unsupervised direct care of children or within 3 months of the staff's start date shall complete the pre-service training and the facility staff orientation.
First year training credit requirements: 16 training credits total:
  • Eight (8) credits of training in Early Learning Guidelines and Early Learning Foundations; and
  • Eight (8) elective training credits in the area of early learning, early childhood, and/or child development.
Child Care training credits required each subsequent year, after the first license:
  •  Eight (8) elective training credits in the area of early learning, early childhood, and/or child  development; and
  •  Eight (8) core credits of total training shall include all of the following areas:
    1. Blood borne Pathogens
    2. Fire Safety
    3. Sanitation 
    4. Recognition and reporting of suspected child abuse or neglect
    5. Emergency Preparedness
    6. Sudden Infant death Syndrome (SIDS)
    7. Safe Sleep
    8. Shaken Baby Syndrome
    9. Transportation
All staff shall have Infant Child CPR and First Aid training and certification shall be kept current. 

Infant/Toddler training:
  • All staff working with infants or toddlers shall complete a minimum of four (4) hours of specialized infant or toddler training every two years.

  • Whenever four (4) or more infants are present:
    • One (1) staff shall have the Infant/Toddler Director Credential.
    •  At least one (1) staff person working directly with infants or toddlers shall have a minimum of eight (8) training credits of specialized training in the care of infants or toddlers every two years.

The Statewide Training and Resource System (STARS):

STARS approves all training and trainers for licensed child care providers. STARS also awards training credits to the provider after he/she has completed an approved training and maintains a record of completed training for all individuals working in licensed child care facilities.  
STARS is able to assist child care providers, directors, and staff with accessing training, printing certificates, and training questions.

Please visit STARS for available on-line training to meet the training requirements listed in Chapter 4, Section 9. 

The Department of Family Services contracts with Align to administer these programs. For more information contact the STARS program at 1-800-400-3999 or visit their web site at:   



Fire Extinguisher Training
Fire Extinguisher Training.