Early Childhood Development Council

Mission statement:
 The mission of the Wyoming Early Childhood State Advisory Council is to serve Wyoming children and families by facilitating statewide collaboration, evaluating the early childhood system and making recommendations to the Governor, lawmakers and State agencies.

The Duties of the Council are to:
  • Conduct a periodic statewide needs assessment 
  • Identify opportunities for, and barriers to, coordination and collaboration among Wyoming community based activities, Federally-funded and State-funded programs serving young children and their families, nonprofit organizations, businesses, health organizations, churches, parents and any other stake holders to enable integrated and comprehensive services for all families;
  • Work with respective public agencies and private providers to cooperatively develop performance measurements
  • Work to strengthen the system for children that will assist them from birth to self-sufficiency as adults;
  • Develop recommendations for increasing the overall participation of children in existing Federal, State, and local child care and early childhood education programs
  • Develop recommendations regarding the establishment of a unified data collection system 
  • Develop recommendations regarding statewide professional development and career advancement plans
  • Assess the capacity and effectiveness of 2- and 4-year public and private institutions of higher education in the State toward supporting the development of early childhood educators
  • Make recommendations for improvements in State early learning standards
  • Hold public hearings and provide opportunities for public comment on the activities of the Council as necessary
  •  Submit an annual statewide strategic report addressing the activities of the Council to the Governor; and
  • Any other responsibilities necessary or as assigned by the Governor.
The Wyoming Early Childhood State Advisory Council was enacted by Executive Order 2010-2.