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DFS Provider Newsletter:

Early Learning Foundations: The Wyoming foundations for children three (3) through five (5), which support Wyoming’s young learners so they not only learn reading, writing, mathematics, but also become critical thinkers and problem solvers in academic and social situations, which were produced by the Wyoming Early Learning Foundations Committee (2013).
Early Learning Guidelines: The Wyoming guidelines available to parents, caregivers, early childhood professionals and policy makers about development and early learning in the first three (3) years of life, which were produced by the Wyoming Early Learning Guidelines Task Force (2011).

 Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework En Español:
WY Quality Counts: The WY Quality Counts! Program is housed in the Wyoming State Department of Workforce Services.The goal of the program is to raise awareness about why quality child care matters for Wyoming’s children, their families and our future. With funding from the Wyoming State Legislature, this program also provides scholarships, grants and training to Wyoming’s early childhood industry.

Quality early care, whether at home or outside the home, is more than a safe and nurturing place for children. Quality programs prepare children for success by using developmentally-appropriate teaching methods and materials to develop cognitive, language, social/emotional, and motor skills.