CM Updates

Manual Updates:

 10/08/2018 Clarified CM 506(A)(4):     A child under the age of 22 who resides with his/her natural, adoptive or step-parent(s) must all be one assistance unit regardless of the percentage of time as long as the parent says the child lives there.  If parents living in separate homes both applying for SNAP cannot mutually agree on which case the child(ren) should receive SNAP, the following shall be applied.
                 a.  The parent that has the child(ren) 51% or more of the time will be allowed to put the child in
his/her SNAP household; or
                 b. If it is verified that both parents have exactly 50/50 custody and the parents claim one parent                      does not provide more meals than the other parent, the parent that applied first shall continue                       to have the child(ren) included on their case.                     
 10/05/2018 Updated Asset Table in CM 806: 
  • Income producing property (including farm land and equipment).  
    • 1.  Exempt property annually producing income consistent with its FMV even if only used on a seasonal basis.  If the property is being rented or advertised as available for rent for a price that is comparable to other rental properties in the area, it is producing income consistent with its FMV for rental purposes and would be excluded from assets.
  • Land, buildings and other real property.  
    • 1.  Exempt real property when verified the assistant unit is making a bona fide effort to sell or rent as self employment property at a reasonable price as verified by evidence listed.
 09/28/2018 Updated Table I:  SNAP Income Allotments and Deductions for FY 2019.
 09/14/2018 Clarified incapacity work exemption in CM 702 CM 708, and the Glossary:
  • CM 702(B)(4)(b):  A determination of incapacity (preferably using the DFS110 Statement of Incapacity) which is completed by the individual’s medical professional;  
  • CM 708(B)(2)(b):   Provides a statement from a medical professional that s/he is physically or mentally unfit for employment;
  • Glossary:  Medical professional - a licensed physician, a licensed psychologist or master’s level mental health worker. For SNAP this includes a physician’s assistant and nurse practitioner.
 09/07/2018 Updated CM 708(D)(1) to add definition of "working".
1.  Works 20 hours per week averaged monthly or 80 or more hours per month (weekly hours shall be               converted by 4.3 to calculate monthly average);

a.  Works in exchange for money; 

b.  Works in exchange for goods or services (in-kind); or

c.  Unpaid volunteer work with an agency or organization which is scheduled and structured.

 09/05/2018 Updated CM 907 (P)(1) to add:  *DFS Child Care Authorizations are not acceptable verification to confirm out-of-pocket expenses.
 08/21/2018 Updated CM 901 Income Table for Utility Allowances:
  • Utility allowance including HUD, FHA, or RD






    Utility allowance paid directly to household.






 08/02/2018 Updated CM 401, 501, 503, 506, 602, 604, 609, 713, 716, 721, 802, 901, 905, 1204, 1304, 1307, 1601, 1604, & Table II for POWER changes.
  •  CM 907:  Added (P)(2) Do not allow a deduction for children enrolled in alternative arrangements (not provided as part of the child care facility) such as summer camp or sport academies.  
  • Glossary:  Added definition for Pass Through
  • Added example 4 & 5 to "pass-through expenses and purchasing and preparing food separately"
 06/28/2018 CM 702:  Added Example 2:  Question:  An assistant unit consists of a mom, dad, two children (ages 7 & 4) and an uncle.  The mom & dad both are employed over 30 hours per week.  The PI states to the benefit specialist that the uncle is responsible for the care of the children while the parents are at work.  Is the uncle then exempt from work registration?  Answer:  Yes, the uncle is exempt from work registration as he is responsible for the care of a child under the age of 6.  
 06/21/2018   CM 507:  Added "ST" Step Parent to the Treatment of Income, Assets and Deductions of Excluded Individuals Table.
  •  Added Appendix 11:  Death & Prisoner Matches
  • Updated CM 805:  Clarified Sale of an Asset to align with SNAP by removing 
    • A. Consider the proceeds from the sale of an exempt or nonexempt asset as an asset rather than as unearned income and require the proceeds to be within the appropriate asset  income limit to remain eligible for assistance.
    • B. See Section 806 Land, buildings and other real property. 
  • Updated Table II for changes effective July 1, 2018
 06/06/2018 The Big Rule:  Updates to 403, 806, 901, 902, 907,1505, and Appendix 5.
 05/21/2018 CM 505:  Removed Example 4:

    Q:   A student's eligibility during the spring semester was based on participation in work study. No work               study is available in the summer. Is she ineligible if she attends school in the summer?
    A:   The student would be eligible during the summer if she participated in work study during the school                year. A student participating in a federally financed work study program "during the regular school                year" may be eligible; "during the regular school year" means that the exemption is intended to                    qualify a student through authorized breaks and summer vacations when, in most cases, work                       study jobs are not available.

  •  CM 405:  Added to Example 10.  (C) Question: The household reports they are entitled to receive a per capita payment of $350/month, however, states they have obligated the funds to re-pay a loan and the payment is never received by the household.  Do we count the $350 when considering expedite?

    Answer: No.  Since the household never receives the per capita funds, they are not accessible to the household and we would not count them when determining expedite.

  • CM 708(D)(1):  Added (a) Weekly hours shall be converted by 4.3 to calculate monthly average.

  • CM 1000:  Per capita funds, added *Northern Arapaho and Eastern Shoshone per capita payments do not need to be verified, it has been documented by the State that proceeds from these tribes are received from exempt sources.  

  • CM 1303:  Updated EBT procedures.

 03/14/2018Added to CM 708 & 405:   Exhausted ABAWD & Expedite:  When an exhausted ABAWD applies for SNAP and states they have worked 80 hours in a 30 day period or states they meet some other exemption, the worker should attempt to obtain as much verification as possible within the expedited service time frame.  If the worker is unable to verify the client's statement, SNAP regulations do not prevent the State from postponing verification of an ABAWD exemption or work hours if it would delay processing expedited service eligible cases within the time frame.  
 03/07/18Updated CM 708(B)(3) Is a parent (natural, adoptive, or step) of a household member under age 18, even if the household member who is under 18 is not himself eligible for food stamps (for example:  ineligible student or non-citizen); (4)  Is residing in an assistance unit where a member is under age 18, even if the household member who is under 18 is not himself eligible for food stamps (for example:  ineligible student or non-citizen); 

Added Clarification:  
Shared Custody:  When parents have shared custody of their children, the assistance unit that does not include the children must be counted as an ABAWD and is non-exempt from work requirements. 

 02/06/17 Updated Glossary to provide clarification to POWER terms.
 12/28/17 Updated CM 719 for clarification purposes.
 12/15/17 Added the Medical Handbook to CM 907 Medical Deductions and also under the "Trainings" section. 
 11/9/17 Updated CM 2104 Referral to Fraud & Recovery Unit for Potential Overpayment with current mailing procedures.
  •  CM 806:  Added "recreational (motorized)" under Vehicles-Licensed.
  •  CM 807:  Added "(motorized)" to recreational under Vehicles.
  •  Updated Table I:  SNAP Income Allotments and Deductions for FFY 2018 Effective 10/01/17-09/30/18.
  • Added instruction to Appendix 5 updating IRS match procedure to be completed by the SNAP/TANF Program Specialist.
 08/23/17Added note to CM 901 Treatment of Income table for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) & Social Security Disability (SSDS):  If the payee for the benefit is not in the household and not providing the benefit to the individual for which the benefit is intended, the appropriate code should be used in EPICS on UNIN with income of $0 in order for eligibility to be determined based on the net income limit.
7/31/17    CM 402S:  Updated to read:  When living in the same household, the parent, adult relative or court appointed guardian or custodian shall apply on behalf of an unemancipated minor parent. .
6/27/17            CM 1604:  Changed the C&A in the Table to DWS.
 5/23/17     CM 903:  Added link to verify corporations listed as LLC.
 05/11/17 Added "Cash on Hand" to Asset Table in CM 806.
 4/20/17 CM 404(E)(1)(a):  Replace "once an application of approved (date on notice of approval)" to "once an interview is conducted" to align with CM 1501(D) which was revised 01/19/16.
 4/20/17     CM 701(D) Examples 1 & 2 added to explain denying an application versus sanctioning an individual who does not comply with work requirements.
 04/20/17 Correct 907 SNAP Utility Deductions Chart & Examples 3, 7, & 8 to include LIEAP payment that exceeds $20 in the current month or immediately preceding 12 months.
 03/21/17        CM 806:  Updated Excluded Retirement Accounts & Added description of each at Retirement Accounts Excluded From Resources
 03/05/17         CM 806 Asset Table:  Added: Crowdfunded Sites (GoFundMe, Kickstarter, Indiegogo).  Count the value of the funds available to the household at the time of interview.

CM 907(4)(e)(2):  Added link to TPQY Page 2 Example.
 03/03/17         907(I)(3)(g) Condominium and Home Owner Association fees when they are included in the mortgage payment (those fees billed separately would need to be evaluated on a case by case basis)
 03/01/17     1311(B) Replaced Restore benefits for a period of not more than 24 to 12 months
 03/01/17    Updated 708(M) Notices
 03/01/17  Updated Table II - Column D


Updated 904 Determining Best Estimate to reflect income calculation changes effective 01/20/17.

 Updated 506(A)(4) for changes effective 2/17/17.


POWER Updates CM 404, 501,503, 505, 507, 713-717, 719-720, 722, 1315-1316 and 1318.


Updated CM 907(A) Table I.


Updated Income Limit Tables - FFY 2017 SNAP Income Guidelines to reflect correct mileage rate of $0.535.


Updated CM 1303 to ebtEDGE and removed JPMorgan.  

CM 405(A)(2): Replaced (including the SUA) to (including the appropriate utility allowance: SUA, UOA, TOA).


CM 702 (B)(2) Age 16 or 17,who is

 a.  Not the head of the assistance  unit, or
 b.  Attending school, or
 c.  Enrolled in an employment training program at least half-time.


Notice Section:  Added hint headings to SNAP & POWER Denial & Closure Notices.


Section 905:  Clarifies the EPICS codes used to determine if household qualifies for a shelter supplied or shelter included grant amount.


CM 902  Require verification of closure of assets such as bank accounts, credit union accounts, stocks, bonds, etc. only if they were closed within 30 days from date of application/recertification.  If the client states they were closed more than 30 days before the date of application, verification shall not be requested.


Section 505  A student is not considered physically or mentally fit if they receive VA disability compensation – regardless of disability rating.  


Removed all references to POWER-SASFA. 


Section 405 updated with instructions for new expedite approval notices.


904(B)(2) Base the best estimate for earned income (i.e. wages) upon the verified income history of 30 days and not to exceed 60 days from the date of application when it is representative, and no changes are expected, to anticipate income for the benefit month(s).


POWER Periodic Reviews updates - Section 1601


Participants in WIOA, WIA and E&T programs that contain training meet training requirements to exempt from Work Registration and ABAWD provisions.  702(B)(9)(b)


Clarification: calculating shelter expenses for disabled persons living in group homes paying room and board. Appendix 1.


Clarification of Work Registration exemption for SSI applicants.  Section 702(B)(4)(e).


POWER updates to Glossary and Sections 401, 404, 1502, 1506, and 1507 for changes to be reported within ten (10) calendar days.


Added a new section, 610 Fleeing Felons/Probation or Parole Violators.


1501(D) Once the interview has been conducted, changes to be reported under Simplified Reporting.


Updated sections 506 regarding household composition and 1201 regarding a maximum 12 month certification period.


Added tab in left menu titled Training Materials, this tab has the Policy Clarifications and Trainings/Resources.


Updated Section 708 - ABAWD Requirements


Updated Section 404 M:  Added Foster Care Maintenance Payments are excluded from this requirement. A family will not be  required to pursue Foster Care Maintenance Payments even if they potentially could be eligible.


Added instructions on interpreting and navigating the UIB interface in ESY4. This was added to several sections involving UIB.  (click here for instructions on navigating and interpreting UIB in ESY4)


506(A)(1-5) Policy regarding who to include and not to include in a household has been updated. 


507  Deleted Treatment of Income Assets and Deductions of Excluded Individuals - Situation - Non cooperation with POWER/POWER-SASFA or Triabl TANF.

906  Updated the POWER Earned Income Disregard to $600.00/$1200.00.

100 - 1101   Updated the POWER Earned Income Disregard to $600.00/$1200.00.  Removed the SNAP sanction when a POWER sanction occurred. 


901 Clarification on the sale of plasma or blood. If the frequency and amount can be reasonably anticipated, it should be considered self-employment income.


Added updated Table II - July 1, 2015


1404(A)  Changed to indicate that an EPICS pend notice must be sent when requesting information.  The DFS 101 may also be used; however, if it is used, the DFS 301 must still be sent from EPICS


907(N)(4)(c): Changed wording on Medical Deductions to reflect that they must be prescribed by a licensed practitioner or other qualified health professional.


Updated Table II Column D.


Glossary updated.


405: Added example for process to be followed when expedited interview is missed.


 702(B): Added exemption due to receipt of UIB as it was erroneously left out in this version of the manual.


401(S): Changed wording  to "delay caused by". Added instructions on Denying SNAP Application on 30th Day .


Glossary added.