03/22/2019  Updated under Table Sliding Fee Scale for 04/01/2019

12/19/2018    Update under Tables Sliding Fee Scale for 10/01/2018

10/03/2018    Updated Section 904 on how to treat Property Income. 

10/03/2018    Updated Section 903 to treat S-Corp and LLC as a Sole Proprietorship. 
04/02/2018  Update under Tables Sliding Fee Scale for 04/01/2018

12/15/2017  Updated Forms with new DFS 111 Student Financial Aid

07/28/17    Updated Attachment F Quality Assurance (QA) Procedures

04/01/17    Added Section 907 Child Support Deduction

03/20/17    Uploaded under Tables new sliding fee scale for 04/01/17

02/15/17    Added DFS 210 Child Care Review Form to Forms

01/31/17    Added C218 Authorization Termination to Notices

12/28/16    Updated the Chapter 1 Child Care, Purchase of Service General

09/30/16     Updated Section 901 income to include 12 month eligibility language

09/30/16    Updated Section 1501 to include language of fluctuation of income

11/03/16     Updated Section 401 Application/Intake Process G to add count starts first working day                              following the date of application.

05/11/16    Section 904 D changed to Annualized information and deleted old information

04/20/16    Section 900 added Indian per capita information0

04/20/16    Examples added to section 1502

03/08/16    Updated Sliding Fee Scale for 04/01/2016

02/05/16    Updated Section 1502 Time Frames For Reporting And Acting On Reported Changes

02/05/16    Updated Section 404 D by removing "and verified". 

02/05/16    Removal of  wording from Section 401 -L Require the parent(s)/caretaker(s) to submit a                              completed DFS204 to verify the provider meets health and safety standards. 

02/05/16    Removal of wording from Section 404 - F The applicant/recipient is responsible for                                      providing the DFS 204, Provider Assessment Form, to verify the selected child care                                      provider meets health and safety standards.

02/01/16    Updated Table VIII - Case File Materials for Child Care 

10/12/15    Added What is considered a complete application Section 401 F 

10/01/15    Added LLC and S-Corp Income Determination  in Section 903 added 

08/28/15    Added Forms template 

08/21/15    Added notices