The State of Wyoming has set up three ways to provide State employees information regarding Cheyenne State offices in the event of inclement winter weather. The purpose of these systems is to ensure our State employees do not endanger themselves and needlessly travel to their work destination only to find the office is closed.

The only person who may close Cheyenne area State offices due to weather is Governor Matt Mead.

Following are the methods in place to provide information regarding weather related closures:

             Website Status: Upon A&I notification, information will be placed on the                 State's home page regarding any Cheyenne State                 office closures.

            Enterprise Announcement Line (307-777-5900): If Cheyenne State offices              will be closed, experience a delayed start, or early close, information will                 be available by calling 307-777-5900. 

            GovDelivery: Sign up at to receive a text                          and/or email with information regarding Cheyenne State Offices being                        closed, experiencing a delayed start or early close. Information will only be                  sent when there is an event – such as office closure, delayed start or early                    close. 


            When there is no change in the status of offices, the announcement line has a             standard greeting that plays. The announcement line does not accept voice                mails, but is available as another way to obtain status.


If you hear information on the media regarding state office status, please verify it with one of the above sources as the website, GovDelivery and the announcement line are the official State notification methods for winter weather closures. 

It is our intention to provide you with the information you need regarding the status of Cheyenne State offices in the event of a winter weather incident.


Winter Storm Statement
Winter Storm conditions are possible in the next 2-5 days.

Weather Advisory
Statements that are issued for probable weather situations that if not observed could lead to hazardous situations. 

Weather Watch
A forecast is issued to the possibility of severe weather.  

Weather Storm Warning
Severe weather is imminent, or is already occurring and reported. Some examples are tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, winter storms, and heavy snow.