We promote statewide library development,
foster library cooperation, 
and provide reliable information to our customers. 

From its beginning as a territorial library to its key place in the information age, the Wyoming State Library has balanced multiple roles and constituencies. The State Library has served state government by identifying, collecting and organizing information; providing professional assistance in locating and interpreting information and offering quick reference service. 

The residents of Wyoming are another important constituency through the State Library's role as the "Library's Library." Statutorily charged with library development, the State Library provides leadership to other libraries through consulting, publications, training and resource sharing, coordination and the administration of federal funds. 

The Wyoming State Library coordinates and manages the shared statewide library catalog. This integrated, online system links libraries across the state and automates operations. WYLDcat allows users to search the collections and request items from over 100 Wyoming libraries. 
Jamie Markus, State Librarian

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