Our Mission:
The Economic Analysis Division's core mission is to coordinate, develop, and disseminate economic & demographic research and information. Central to the Division's mission is the application of economic theory using mathematical and statistical tools. Division competencies include the following:
  • Managing the Decennial Census of Population database
  • Maintaining the REMI and minerals model
  • Forecasting the behavior of economic variables used in state revenue projections  
  • Generating the State's biannual cost of living index
  • Providing quality customer service to clients via published reports, presentations, and customized information responses
  • Providing policy and economic analysis to state agencies

Our Vision:
Our vision is to further enhance the Division's website and to continually add more content while preserving the user-friendly interface. Our goal is to become the State's premier website for economic and demographic data and analysis.

Our Philosophy:
The Economic Analysis Division's philosophy is to provide our customers with quality and timely research, data, and analysis.


Cheyenne, Wyoming 82002

Phone: (307) 777-7504