A&I Wellness Program would like to invite you to participate in its wellness program. 

Your participation in this program is free.

You are given the opportunity to participate in many different ways so that you can be a part of this great program. There are convenient talks on health, heath related activities, and self motivated health activities. The talks and activities are located on site to further your education and improve other aspects of your lifestyle, such as alternative exercising, eating healthier and overall becoming more health conscious.
Participation is voluntary in this program. Individuals, who meet the minimum requirements for program participation, will earn incentives based on the level of participation in the program, as approved by the Agency Director and A&I Wellness Committee and outlined in the Department of A&I Wellness Program Policies and Procedures.

To participate in A&I Wellness Program you will need to sign a waiver and consent form. These forms can be found in the various break room locations or printed from the documents on this webpage.

Our current A&I Wellness Program incentives are 1, 2 or 4 hours of leave time. To earn this you must participate in a wellness activity for 2 months for 1 hour, 3 months for 2 hours and 5 months for 4 four of leave time. The 6 month sessions are from January - June and July - December. You can sign up at any time during the year.

You will earn your time only in the designated sessions, they cannot be combined.

Reference program details for more information.  

This program is a way to a healthier You. Thank You for your participation!


Jaci Williams
Wellness Coordinator

Marlene Dunn 
Wellness Log Coordinator