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Blimey! Math is So Different, How Can I Help My Child?

Math in school today is sometimes confusing and even challenging to parents.  Parents can help their children be good math students and problem solvers by becoming good guides or questioners.

Parents do not need to know how to solve the problem themselves, but can help the students think through the problem and help them make a plan to solve it by using good questions.


Questions that can and should be used often are:

            What have you tried so far?

    Is there another way to look at the problem?

    Can you explain what the problem is asking?

    What makes sense so far?

    How do you plan to begin?

    What do you need to find out?

    Is there another way to think about it?

    Is this like any problem you have worked before?

    Is there a way to make the problem easier?

    Do you plan to use any tools to help you?

    What math tools might help you?

Family Games that Build Mathematics

Many parents ask about good math games for home.  Using the math games coming home from school is always good, but listed below are some others.  These games encourage not only number sense and computation, but developing strategies.

                                Dominoes                                                  Connect Four          

  Checkers                                                   SET

  Cribbage                                                    UNO

             Go Fish                                                         Mancala

                 Crazy Eights                                            Battleship

Ways We Are Helping At School

Math Interventions:  Wynne Primary School has two certified math intervention teachers who work with first and second grade students.  They are Mrs. Jeannine Brawner and Mrs. Amy Poindexter.

Intervention groups:

  are small, ranging up to 6 students

  four days a week for 30 minutes

  are flexible and students can move in and out according to their needs