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   Arrrgh, you wondering what your child is learning in literacy while in
   second grade?  Well, you've come to the right page.  Below you will find a
   description of the various literacy skills your child is learning about
   every day!


Word Study 

During word study your child will be learning common  spelling patterns that will help them in their reading and writing.  We encourage kids to learn to recognize the patterns that way when they are reading they can rely on their pattern knowledge to decode an unknown word.  Learning the spelling patterns will also help your child in their writing as well.




Shared Reading

During shared reading your child will recieve instruction on various reading comprehension strategies and metacognative strategies. There are 13 comprehension strategies that your child will learn and review throughout the year.  these strategies will help them understand what they are reading better.  There are 7 metacognitive strategies that your child will learn and review throughout the year.  These metacognitive strategies helps students to "think about their thinking" before, during, and after they read.   Your child will learn that reading is about thinking and comprehending what they read.


Reading Workshop


Reading workshop is the time of day when your child will meet in a small group with the teacher for reading instruction.  This is instruction is on your child's level and catered to your child's learning needs.  If your child is not in group with the teacher then he or she is working independently or with a buddy at the various learning stations throughout the room.  Reading workshop is a fun time for the kids and is centered around reading. 

                                 Grammar and  

Writing Workshop


Throughout the year  in grammar your child will learn several grammar rules to help improve their writing abilites.


Writing workshop is the time of day when your child will receive instruction on the craft of writing.  They will learn the writing process and be taught how to go through this process with the stories they choose to write. 

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