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1st grade Teachers

Please feel free to email your child's teacher at any time.  It is a wonderful tool to utilize and keep in contact with the school.  Many times this is the easiest and quickest way to contact the teacher. 

Classroom Teachers
 Mandi Ball    mball@wynneschools.org
 Ollie Golatt ogolatt@wynneschools.org
 Shea Curtis    scurtis@wynneschools.org 
 Tammy Smithtsmith@wynneschools.org 
 Lindsey Ebarblebarb@wynneschools.org 
 Casie Westcwest@wynneschools.org 
 Cindy Shippcshipp@wynneschools.org 
 Brycial Williamsbwilliams@wynneschools.org 
 Meagan McGuiremmcguire@wynneschools.org 
 Rachele Embertonremberton@wynneschools.org