ParaTExt 7.3 Training

The materials in this section are arranged according to a typical Bible translation process. Click on any of the links below to see the resources that will help you use ParaTExt during that particular step of the process.

1.  INTRODUCTION to ParaTExt 7.3 (English)

Learn the basic functions of ParaTExt 7.3. Content includes opening and closing ParaTExt, ParaTExt windows, and resources and projects. This section also explains how to arrange windows, navigate through texts, and to use ParaTExt 7.3 effectively as a team.

2.  EXEGESIS in ParaTExt 7.3 (English)

Learn how to use ParaTExt 7.3 in the Exegesis stage of the translation process. Content includes using text collections and combinations, and setting up the Biblical Terms Tool.

3.  DRAFTING in ParaText 7.3 (English)

This section explains how to do the initial draft of your translation project in ParaTExt 7.3. Content includes window views, entering and formatting text, using notes, and tracking project progress.

4.  SHARING in ParaText 7.3 (English)

This section explains the basic configuration and use of the Backup, Restore, and Send/Receive tools in  ParaTExt 7.3. There is also a manual to guide administrators through the initial configuration of Send/Receive.

5.  CHECKING in ParaText 7.3 (English)

This section explains how to use the Basic Checks, Spell Check, and Inventories ParaTExt 7.3.Modules are divided into Simplified sections for users with Simplified Menus, and Advanced sections for users with fuller access to the ParaTExt menus.

ParaTExt 7.3 Training in FRENCH

Download French-language materials from this section.

ParaTExt 7.3 Training in PORTUGUESE

Download Portuguese-language materials from this section.  

Other ParaText Resources

This section contains helpful ParaTExt 7.3 from other organizations.