Welcome to STEM Exploratory: Bridge Design Challenge for grade 8. You and your team of engineers will design, construct, and test a bridge made of K"nex pieces. The bridge must meet design specification while demonstrating engineering efficiency and economic  efficiency. Will your design meet the challenge?

You will be expected to:
  1. use mathematics to solve problems related to the bridge challenge
  2. explain the advantages and disadvantages of the five main types of bridges
  3. explain how load forces are distributed in the five main types of bridges
  4. describe how materials in a bridge respond to the force of a load
  5. design and construct a bridge to meet a specific need
  6. test a model of your bridge design
  7. analyze and evaluate the performance of your bridge
  8. manage and use materials appropriately
  9. work cooperatively in a group
  10. follow all safety and technology use procedures