Welcome to STEM Exploratory: Tower Design Challenge for grade 6. You and your team of engineers will design, construct, and test a tower made of K"nex pieces. The tower will be tested on a shake table to simulate the effects of an earthquake. Will your design meet the challenge?

You must demonstrate the ability to:
  1. differentiate the objectives of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics
  2. give an example of the interdependence of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics
  3. analyze and evaluate earthquake hazards from observed aftermath images
  4. identify regions of high earthquake activity
  5. design a device for measuring earthquake intensity
  6. design an investigation to evaluate strategies for dampening harmonic motion
  7. observe and evaluate current structural designs used in earthquake prone regions
  8. apply engineering and scientific principles to design, test, and redesign an earthquake resistant structure
  9. explain the features of your final structure and why the features make the structure earthquake resistant
  10. explain why your earthquake resistant structure passed or failed the shake table test

Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center Link
Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulations Link