Welcome to the website of the Wyandotte Public Schools Band Program.  Wyandotte is located in the northeast corner of Oklahoma near the Kansas and Missouri state lines.  

The band program at Wyandotte Public Schools forms an important part of the total school life.  This organization represents a spirited, enthusiastic, diverse, and highly disciplined segment of the entire student body.  Students in Wyandotte Public Schools are given the opportunity to participate in the band program and to learn and progress musically as far as their abilities and desires allow.  If a student accepts the challenge, has the self-discipline and enthusiasm required, and fills his or her responsibility to the band, he or she will undoubtedly succeed.

The Wyandotte Band Program is under the direction of Jennifer E. Rose.  It is made up of four performing groups:
  • Elementary Band (grade 5)
  • Middle School Band (grades 6 & 7)
  • High School Band (grades 8-12)
  • High School Jazz Band (grades 9-12)

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