Checkering and carving add character and value to your favorite guns.


    This is a sample of a traditional hand carved `fish scale'pattern. The one below is a `herring bone' pattern, also hand carved. The cost for hand carving on grips follows the  basic pricing list shown below.


Any animal, bird, scenery, object, or logo can be copied or designed.  If you have an idea of what want, a sketch and sample carving can be produced before beginning on your project. 

  • Basic Pricing:
  • Borderless checkering on grips and forearm       = $150+
  • Checkering with borders , ribbons or scrollwork = $275+
  • Wrap-around checkering with intricate borders = $450+
  • Carving prices vary with each project depending on size, detail,type of wood, etc. If you would like a general idea of the cost for carving, the base price is $100 per panel.



Most stock cracks and dents can be repaired to usable condition as long as all the peices are there. Fixing a broken stock is usually more cost effective than buying and finishing a replacement.Especially if the gun has sentimental value. Repair cost is dependant upon the extent of damage and how good you want it to look when finished. The images below are a couple examples with prices to give you a general idea of repair cost.


This is what a 70 year old crack with 70 year old electerical tape looks like before repair.(they made really good tape in the 1940's) 

This is the same stock after repair, refinishing, and touching up the original checkering that was damaged by the crack. Repair pricing will vary depending on the type of wood and the extent of the damage. The one pictured here was repaired and refinished, along with the forearm for just over $100.


          This is a retired double barrel shotgun.It's only task  is to look neat hanging

        over a fire place mantel. The stock had been broken for an unknown number 

        of years and had been repaired with nails, which only caused more weak spots

        and cracks. The hammers would not stay  cocked and it had alot of flex at the 

         grip.The parts were removed, pegged and cemented together with a mixed

         epoxy adhesive. The owner was not in a rush to get it back. He decided not to have it striped and re-finished because wanted to retain the worn appearance and just make it functional again. The total came to $25