Architectual Design



  • Hancrafted Molding
  • Mantel Boards
  • Doors
  • Window Trim
  • Rafter Beams
  • Interior Posts
  • Exterior Posts
  • Decor and Accent Pieces
  • Play Rooms
  • Kids' Bedrooms
  • Custom Storage Shelving



Architectual Services

We offer a wide variety of custom architectual services and products.  Work is available on site for existing structures, or can be done in our shop and shipped to location for installation.  Projects are custom made to order




Order Process

Each job begins with a your ideas or needs.

A design sketch can be created for you or replicated from photos etc...excluding items protected under copywrite laws.

Following approval on sketch a small sample carving can be created and sumbitted to further ensure customer satisfaction.

When a design and price is agreed upon,50% of the quoted price will be needed to begin. The balance is due only when the project is completed and you are satisfied with the product.This method is fair for everyone and guarantees that you don't get stuck with something that you don't really like.And I don't end up working on orders that someone really didn't want after all.Other payment options are avaliable if needed. 

Please email or call with any questions.