Guidelines for the week

Due: February 13
Topic:  History

This week, you are going to pick 10 dates in your continent's history to add to a time line.  Your assignment this week is to select the dates.  Next week, we will create the time line using an online tool, or by paper.

Materials needed:
  • Either your passport, or a Google Doc
  • Computer to access Culture Grams

  1. Go to the Culture Grams web page.
  2. If using Google Docs, open a new document now, and title it "History of (your continent's name)"
  3. Click on your continent, and choose a country.
  4. Select "Time line"
  5. Read through the events listed in this time line.  Select 2 - 3 events that sound either interesting, or important.
  6. Write the name of the country, the events, a brief description of each event and the date it occurred.
  7. Choose another country.  Look at its time line.  Look for events that happened at about the same time as the events you have already researched.
  8. Repeat this for 3-4 more countries, until you arrive at 10 dates, and have at least 3 countries represented.
  9. You will bring this list to class next week, and we will assemble all of the dates into one time line.


Due:  January 30
Topic:  Languages

Go to the CultureGrams webpage. 
Click on your continent and choose a country from your continent. 
Select "Language" on the left hand side.
Read about the language in the country you selected. 
Record 1 interesting fact into your passport about that country's language.

Click on the "Can you say it..." link under "Language"  Record how to say these words/phrases into your passport.

You will do this for 5 different languages from your continent.  You may have to hunt around for different languages spoken (especially in Oceania and South America). 

Due January 30th will be your passport with 1 interesting fact AND translations of words/phrases from 5 different languages spoken on your continent.

Due February 6th:

Languages Poster:

Your poster must include the following:

1.  1 fact for each of the 5 languages you chose from your continent (written in your own words)
2.  A minimum of 1 word from each language on a note card taped to the poster
3.  The English translation and what language the word came from on the back of the note card.
4.  Neat/Organized/Clear poster
5.  Poster is edited for COPS
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