Quest Discipline Protocol

The following is our system for working with students who struggle with team expectations.  For a copy of our team expectations, click here.  

In the classroom, we give students opportunities to ask questions, move their seat if they are distracted, and to access the learning in different ways.  If a student is not meeting class expectations, they receive a reminder, a warning, and a take a break.  If they have challenges with taking a break, they are asked to go to the other classroom on our team for a break.  If they need to do this, they move to step 2 of the discipline protocol.  Another way a student might move to step 2 is if they have 2 or more outstanding pieces of homework. 

It is meant as a guide to help students get back on track, and also as a communication tool with the parents to make sure they are in the loop, while also respecting the need for students to be able to correct their own behavior.

Peer court will be available in April for students to access.  This could take the place of any of the tiers of discipline.  Alternate consequences can be built in between steps to help students get back on track.

1. Reminder,
Take a break, discussion with teacher,
alternate plans for success, possible contact with parents.
2. Loss of free time (2nd recess).  Fill out a plan to be more successful.3 Loss of free time (2nd recess) -and call home.4  After school with teacher.  During this time, students will make reparations, and talk about how the plan is working / not working.  Creation of next plan possible.  Call home.5 - After school with teacher.  Work with student to talk about why this behavior might be repeating.
Work with guidance for assistance for the student.
5- Team meeting with student and both team teachers.  Team teachers explain next steps.  Results of meeting are recorded and are shared with parent, guidance, planning room, and administration.  6 - Team meeting with parent.  This will be a face to face meeting with all involved.  7 - Alternate consequences - being developed by our Quest Discipline Team (of students and teachers)
These include: 
Student working with a peer for assistance, Possible peer court, Student working in a separate space for a period of time, At home consequences, Mindfulness training, loss of privilege (not attending a talent show, etc), new type of seat for seat work.
8 - Work with Wally and planning room.
9 - Behavior Plan