Daily Schedule

Monday - Friday
7:45-8Den / AG
8:00-8:50ISScience and SS
8:50-9:40AA 1
You will have 2 AA classes back to back. (PE, Art, Music, Tech Ed, Sustainability, Spanish) Teachers will have meetings and planning.
9:40-10:30AA 2
10:30-11 Cougar BlockThis will be a mini-class that will help you work towards academic and personal goals.
11:00-11:30Lunch (11-11:30) Music (11-11:40)
11:40-12:10Study Hall (11:30-12:10) Music Lunch (11:40-12:10)Band, Chorus or Studyhall
12:10-12:30Team Recess
12:30-1:30Blue LA / Red Math
1:30-2:25Red LA / Blue Math